Fans Rally Around LeVar Burton For Landing New Game Show After Jeopardy Snub

LeVar Burton in glasses hosting Final Jeopardy
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As Jeopardy! continues to distance itself from the fan-angering hullabaloo that sprouted from the producers’ attempts to find a permanent replacement, former guest host LeVar Burton is worlds away from that process at this point, now that he’s set to host a new game show iteration of the classic board game Trivial Pursuit. The Star Trek vet revealed this week that he will indeed achieve his game show hopes and dreams with the new project, despite being passed over as a final choice to take over Jeopardy! And his adoring fanbase is absolutely loving it.

For all that fans were upset about that initial Jeopardy! snub, they’re seemingly just as pumped about LeVar Burton landing a new gig in which he’ll have some outright creative control. (He’s also serving as executive producer on top of his hosting duties.) The Reading Rainbow fave has been on the receiving end of all kinds of praise and happy vibes, as it goes with the post below:

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Speaking of Reading Rainbow, the fan who wrote the response below has clearly been a fan of LeVar Burton's for some time now, and can't wait to learn more. 

This is wonderful news! Congratulations @levarburton! I won't miss a single episode. I want to fly in to be an audience member and hopefully meet the man who helped me develop a love for reading!

Fan Jon Waters brought up his own Jeopardy! history with LeVar Burton, with Waters having been a contestant during Burton's second episode (which followed that bonkers recording-breaking debut). Check out the former competitor’s new life goal

I was extremely lucky to be a contestant on J! when you were a guest host, and I cannot wait to see this happen, and hopefully compete in front of you again! LeVar for the win!

And since we can't very well have a Reading Rainbow comment without also featuring a Star Trek nod, check out the post below:

The Suits at Jeopardy may one day regret a certain recent decision they made. Only time will tell. In any case, great ratings and prosper Geordi.

And if you're thinking LeVar Burton's vocal fanbase didn't extend into the world of other Hollywood celebrities, that's just silly. Yvette Nicole Brown and Aisha Tyler are particularly hyped about what's to come.

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Other celebs who tweeted out forms of congratulations were The Brady Bunch vet Maureen McCormick and NBA star-turned-Twitter rockstar Rex Chapman, though there are definitely more. I'm already counting the days until they announce a Celebrity Edition of Trivial Pursuit

To close things out, we have another potential Trivial Pursuit hopeful with just one request for LeVar Burton & Co.:

I'm in!!!! (But no one tell Matt Amodio about it! I want a better shot to finally win LOL)

I can't imagine why that person wouldn't want to go head-to-head with someone who managed to overshadow some of Jeopardy!'s hosting issues with his 38-day winning streak. Oh wait, no, I completely understand that. My bad.

There's no real sense of when Trivial Pursuit will hit our TVs or streaming services, since the project doesn't have a place to call home just yet, but that just means fans can shower love on LeVar Burton for even longer during the build-up. But for those who need to know when other new and returning shows are debuting before the year ends, head to our 2021 Fall TV schedule!

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