Following Trevor Noah’s Daily Show Exit News, Megyn Kelly Fires Shots At The Host: ‘He Was A Ratings Killer’

There’s a major change coming to Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, as host Trevor Noah announced that he plans to leave his post after seven years on the air. Noah addressed his exit during a recent episode of the show and, since then, both fans and fellow stars alike have shared reactions to the news. Media personality Megyn Kelly is one of the latest to lay out her thoughts on the development, and she didn’t mince words. In fact, she fired a few shots at Noah and said, among other things, that he’s a “ratings killer.” 

When Trevor Noah made his announcement nearly a week ago, he expressed gratitude for having been able to host The Daily Show for the past several years. He explained, however, that the events of the past few years have given him some to think about his future and as a result, he’s ready to try some new things. But Megyn Kelly suggests that Noah’s decision to step away was not his own. She alleges that the reason for the shift is due to his performance as host, which she believes has been poor: 

He sort of made it sound like it was his choice, he realized some things during the pandemic. He was a ratings killer. That’s the truth. That show went down into the toilet with Trevor Noah at the helm. It wasn’t funny. Nobody ever laughed. And he wasn’t the lead political commentator like a [Stephen] Colbert was, either.

During a recent episode of her eponymous Sirius XM podcast, the former Fox News host didn’t end her assessment with those comments. She also presented a montage of clips from The Daily Show in order to back up her claims about the Comedy Central star’s alleged lackluster work. It's in the video below:

But as the podcaster shares her thoughts on Trevor Noah’s impending exit, reports suggest that his decision ruffled some feathers behind the scenes. It’s rumored that few people on staff actually knew about Noah’s choice before he announced it. It's even been said that he told people in the studio audience about it before he even let a number of his colleagues know. Noah was thought to have renewed his deal with Comedy Central earlier this year but, as of late, he’s apparently been eager to work more stand-up comedy gigs.

So one major question remains: Who’s going to become the new host of The Daily Show? Well, the latest reports suggest that there’s already a candidate in mind, show correspondent Roy Wood Jr. The veteran actor and comedian could be a solid host for the show, which he’s been a part of for the last seven years. Despite this rumor though, Comedy Central has remained mum regarding plans for the future. 

More immediately, Trevor Noah has not announced a timetable for his departure, but chances are he’ll likely look to close things out on a high note. It’s likely that further assessments of his stint as host will arrive when he’s finally anchored his last show. Whether or not Megyn Kelly chooses to share additional thoughts on his tenure remains to be seen. 

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah drops new episodes weeknights at 11 p.m. ET on Comedy Central as part of the 2022 TV schedule. Past installments can also be streamed using a Paramount+ subscription.

Erik Swann
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