Gift Ideas For Seinfeld Fans: 11 Best Gifts For Fans Of The Classic TV Show

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It’s been 32 years since Seinfeld first hit the airwaves on NBC, but the show is arguably as popular now as it has ever been. Airing in the late 1980s and through the 1990s, the show not only proved to be consistently hilarious and clever, but it also successfully changed sitcom history forever. There are fans around the world who can randomly turn on an episode and laugh as though they are watching it for the first time – and if you know one such individual and want to get them a gift this holiday season, the good news is that there are plenty of options to choose from.

From official merchandise and home video to fan-made creations and prop replicas, the internet is full of treats for Seinfeld fans, and we’ve organized a list of 11 top tier choices for you below! If you’re looking for the best Seinfeld gifts available, look no further.

Seinfeld complete series box set

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Seinfeld Complete Series Box Set

If you’re looking for a gift to get to your friend or loved one who is a Seinfeld fan, it certainly makes all the sense in the world to start with the show itself, right? The complete series box set includes every hilarious episode of the phenomenal comedy series, and it is also overflowing with amazing extras – including commentary tracks, interviews, documentaries, featurettes, deleted scenes, gag reels, and much more. If you give this to someone this December, there’s every chance that they’ll still be going through everything by the time December 2022 rolls around.

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Seinfeld LEGO set

(Image credit: LEGO)

LEGO Seinfeld Set

LEGO has done a fantastic job developing sets based on television shows as of late, with releases made for Friends, Stranger Things, The Flintstones, Sesame Street, and more, but arguably their most spectacular work to date is their Seinfeld set, which recreates Jerry’s apartment. Not only is it modestly priced and a fun build, but it is packed with special little Easter eggs that will have any fan giggling as they put it all together.

Buy a LEGO Seinfeld Set on the Official LEGO website

Seinfeld Funko pops

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Seinfeld Funko Pops

Despite its popularity, Seinfeld action figures never became a thing during the 1990s, but now the toy market has Funko Pops, and those things exist for just about every popular movie and television show ever. Seinfeld is not an exception, and you can find vinyl dolls of all your favorite characters, including Jerry Seinfeld, Elaine Benes, George Costanza, Cosmo Kramer, Yev “The Soup Nazi” Kassem, and Newman.

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Cosmo Kramer portrait by Reilstreet

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Cosmo Kramer Portrait

In a Seinfeld fan’s home décor really complete if there isn’t a painted portrait of Cosmo Kramer hanging on the wall? I’d argue it’s not, and during the upcoming gift giving season you can help assist in writing a wrong. And while you could go the cheap route and simply buy a poster version of the artwork from Season 3’s “The Letter,” you should consider going the extra mile and commissioning a proper replica.

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ASSMAN license plate

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ASSMAN License Plate

If you know a Seinfeld fan who is also a proctologist, the ASSMAN license plate is a truly perfect gift – but really it’s an awesome collectable for any fan of the ‘90s sitcom, even if they don’t have a doctorate in looking at people’s butts. It’s certainly not for use on an automobile, but it looks and feels authentic, and it makes for an excellent wall decoration.

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Fusilli Jerry made by DoodlesnNoodlesPR

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Fusilli Jerry

Because he isn’t employed, Kramer has to find all kinds of weird ways to fill his time, and as we learn in Season 6 one of his hobbies is building figurines of his friends made out of pasta that “captures the individual.” We never actually get to see the George Costanza that he constructs from ravioli, but the Fusilli Jerry is a beautiful relic of the show, and a perfect gift for any Seinfeld fan. Just be sure to tell them to store it in a safe place: it’s made of corkscrew pasta after all, and million-to-one shot incidents happen all the time.

Buy a Fusilli Jerry on Etsy

Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 7 DVD

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Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 7 DVD

We may never get to see any kind of official, single Seinfeld reunion show, but in 2009 co-creator Larry David delivered the next best thing. Season 7 of the HBO series Curb Your Enthusiasm has a running arc that sees David bring the whole cast of the beloved sitcom back together for a TV special, and the effort ultimately creates a 21st century Seinfeld episode. It’s a brilliant way to go about the tricky business of doing a reunion, and it’s perfect. The whole thing is a gift to Seinfeld fans, and you can personally deliver that gift to a loved one in DVD form (sadly it’s not available on Blu-ray).

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Timeless Art Of Seduction poster by SpotlightofJuly

(Image credit: SpotlightofJuly)

The Timeless Art Of Seduction Poster

Have you already purchased a Kramer portrait for your Seinfeld fan friend and are still noticing empty space on their walls? Well, now is the time to deliver them “The Timeless Art Of Seduction” a.k.a. a poster-sized copy of the photograph George Costanza takes when he is trying to woo a woman referred to as Photo Store Sheila in Season 8’s “The Package.” It’s an image that is always guaranteed to inspire a laugh, and it’s a certainly a conversation starter for any guests in one’s home who have never seen an episode of Seinfeld.

Buy a Timeless Art Of Seduction Poster on Etsy

Trivial Pursuit moops card from Slaydays

(Image credit: Slaydays)

Trivial Pursuit Moops Card

Few moments in Seinfeld history demonstrate the extreme pettiness of George Costanza better than his battle with The Bubble Boy. Admittedly the immune compromised Donald is a brash jerk, but that doesn’t really excuse George relishing in a moment when the kid delivers a Trivial Pursuit answer that doesn’t match what it says on the card (especially because he’s defending a typo). It’s one of the most beloved moments in the show’s history, and any fan would love to have a copy of said Trivial Pursuit card, especially in a cool acrylic display case.

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Monk's Cafe Menu from Good Game Props & Collectables

(Image credit: Good Game Props & Collectables)

Monk’s Café Menu

Every Seinfeld fan knows that there are two specific locations that are in nearly every episode: Jerry’s apartment, and Monk’s Café – the diner at which the four toxic friends typically grab a meal and gab out the general inanities of their lives. And while it’s impractical to try and gift somebody a replica of a booth from the restaurant, you can give them a copy of the menu. It’s a cool little prop to display on a shelf.

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Netflix logo

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Netflix Subscription

Does the Seinfeld fan you know already have all of the items mentioned in this feature? Well, first off, congratulations on knowing an awesome person. Secondly, you’re not out of options yet, as one move you can always make is covering their Netflix subscription for a few months or a year. The 90s series has been available on the service for the last few months, and paying the bill for your friend or loved one will give them unlimited access to the show so that they can rewatch episodes wherever and whenever they want.

See options for buying Netflix gift cards.

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