Jake Paul Trolled Dana White With Hilarious Costume After UFC Boss' Harsh Comments

While Jake Paul does have a handful of victorious boxing matches under his (non-championship) belt, he’s still far more known to the general public as a YouTube star and upper-echelon troll, and those latter skills came out in full over Halloween weekend. After Paul offered his latest less-than-encouraging words about female boxing icon Claressa Shields following her recent loss, UFC boss Dana White clapped back with some insulting F-bombs, which inspired Paul to take a hilariously low-brow shot at White with his attention-grabbing costume. 

As seen below on Jake Paul’s Twitter page, the amateur boxer celebrated Halloween as Dana White himself, or at least a highly spoofed-up version of the UFC head honcho. 

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To complete his class act Dana White costume, Jake Paul was rocking a bald cap that only slightly matched up with the color of his actual head, a bag of “Unlimited Free Cocaine,” a healthy schmear of said faux cocaine across his upper lip, a UFC t-shirt, and a shiny overshirt. By all means, one might have correctly guessed what the costume was even without the female accompanying him, or the respect-lite caption. But, of course, Paul did include a snazzily dressed woman at his side to complete the Dana White iconography, and provided a side-by-side look to give fans easy access. 

It’s unclear from his social media accounts if Jake Paul actually went out in public dressed as Dana White, or if that costume was more of an around-the-house goof. I can’t imagine walking around with a big bag of white powder would be the safest bet on Halloween weekend. 

Jake Paul’s costumed shot at Dana White is just the latest public affront amidst their ongoing feud, and came soon after White blasted Paul for his comments about gold-medal Olympian and mega-champ Claressa Shields, who suffered her first MMA loss to Abigail Montes on October 27. Paul took to social media to call Shields a “loser,” saying she’s “never been a big draw” for MMA, and gave much praise to Montes for the win. 

Those comments led Dana White to deliver the following reaction during an interview with MMA Fighting:

Claressa Shields is nothing but a winner who actually fought real people in her weight class in her own age in her own sport and then goes over to MMA and tries to win a world title. That’s not a loser, that’s a winner, okay? When are you gonna start fighting somebody your own fucking age, your own weight, that actually fights in your own fucking sport that you’re claiming you’re in? Shut the fuck up, you goofball. For you to call Claressa Shields a loser is fucking unbelievable.

I gotta think Jake Paul was playing up the “goofball” comment by dressing up as Dana White for Halloween. Or maybe he just had a spare bald cap and bag of fake coke handy. Either way, it was quite the visual for the sugar-coated holiday weekend. 

Jake Paul does seem to thrive on sparking hatred in the boxing and MMA fandom, with Dana White around the top of that list of targets, so everyone should get ready for a new barrage of commentary, both for and against Paul (though mostly against him), to come out in the lead-up to his bout with Tommy Fury. That fight will take place on Saturday, December 18, via Showtime pay-per-view, which has an overall deal with the YouTube star. And now that Pete Davidson has played Paul on SNL, we can probably also expect to see the sketch comedy covering that match in some way.

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