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NCIS: New Orleans' Scott Bakula Is Coming To NBC For His Next TV Project, So Is Quantum Leap Next?

NCIS: New Orleans Scott Bakula as Pride
(Image credit: CBS)

Scott Bakula was a familiar face on network TV for the better part of a decade thanks to his starring role as Dwayne Pride on CBS' NCIS: New Orleans, but the NCIS spinoff came to an end back in 2021. Now, the actor has landed a new project at NBC that could bring him back to network TV, which raises the question: could the Quantum Leap revival at NBC be next? 

The actor was best known for his work in science fiction before portraying Pride for NCIS: New Orleans, as star of Star Trek: Enterprise and Quantum Leap, the latter of which has a sequel series in development at NBC. The latest casting news for Scott Bakula doesn’t concern Quantum Leap, but does bring him to NBC. 

Scott Bakula landed a lead role in the upcoming NBC drama pilot called Unbroken, and Variety reports that the project follows a trio of dynastic ranch families on the coast of California. They’ll deal with everything from love and war in their fight to survive, but may be able to come together to support a group of young women in their bid at the National Championship of Rodeo. 

Bakula would play a retired saddle bronc rodeo champion by the name of Ash Holleren, whose family ranch is in jeopardy with falling profits and neighbors with their eyes on his land. Along with the rest of the family, Ash will have to work to find a way back to a life of prosperity on the ranch like they had before… if they can. 

The actor joins a cast already comprised of The Code’s Anna Wood, United States of Al’s Amanda Payton (who also had some memorable appearances as Celeste in the current season of Chicago P.D. on NBC), The Bold and the Beautiful’s Delon de Metz, and American Gods’ Olunike Adeliyi. 

Now, Unbroken is currently only in the pilot stage of development, so there’s no guarantee that NBC will give the project a series order and viewers will see Scott Bakula playing Ash on television. It does have a unique premise that stands out from other offerings on broadcast TV, plus the ranch element could attract some Yellowstone viewers. (And there are plenty of Yellowstone viewers!) Bakula is a proven leading man, so there is a lot going for this project. 

But what does a potential new show at NBC that isn’t Quantum Leap have to do with Scott Bakula potentially reprising his iconic role as Sam Beckett? Well, back in January, news broke that NBC had given a pilot order to a Quantum Leap revival, with a premise centering on a new team trying to figure out more about the machine and locate Dr. Beckett, who vanished into the accelerator decades ago. Although not confirmed, it was reported at the time that Bakula was expected to be involved in the pilot. 

If Scott Bakula is already working with NBC, and if Sam Beckett wouldn’t be necessary as a series regular for a Quantum Leap revival, it’s not hard to imagine him reprising the role for a cameo or guest-star appearance. Bakula did say that he’s “thrilled to be working with” NBC for Unbroken. With both projects seemingly still in development, fans can always hope that Bakula coming to NBC is a good sign!

For now, only time will tell if Unbroken gets a series order beyond its current pilot stage to bring Scott Bakula back to TV as a series regular. If you want to revisit Bakula’s previous shows, you can find Quantum Leap streaming on Roku, and both NCIS: New Orleans and Star Trek: Enterprise with a Paramount+ subscription. If you’re in the market for some more viewing options, take a look at our 2022 TV schedule.

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