New Amsterdam Cast A Psych Alum For An Important New Story With Bloom

Timothy Omundson in Psych 2: Lassie Come Home
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With New Amsterdam currently in its fourth season, we are getting more stories centering on everyone’s favorites at New Amsterdam. One character who will be getting an interesting storyline is Janet Montgomery’s Dr. Lauren Bloom. As head of the emergency department, she sees all kinds of patients and fans will see Psych alum Timothy Omundson soon in an upcoming episode.

Timothy Omundson, who is best known as Carlton Lassiter in Psych, has been cast as a stroke survivor for the sixth episode in New Amsterdam’s current season, according to TVLine. His character will also be a caretaker to Broadway vet John Christopher Jones’ character, who has Parkinson’s. Showrunner David Schulner previewed the storyline and how important it is to shine a light on disabilities:

We wrote a storyline just for those actors to be together, and we wrote the parts for them to highlight more actors with disabilities, more people with disabilities, and to show that just because you suffered a stroke or you’re living with Parkinson’s doesn’t mean you can’t make people fall off their chairs with laughter.

The role is definitely close to Timothy Omundson, who suffered a stroke in 2017 that impacted his ability to walk. He has since relearned and reprised his role in both Psych movies while he continued to recover. He even recurred in This Is Us as Kate and Toby’s neighbor, Gregory, who is a stroke survivor. It’s not known how long the storyline will last on the NBC medical drama, but fans are surely in for a treat when Bloom treats her new patient in the E.D.

Besides Psych, Timothy Omundson is also known for his supporting roles as Sean Potter in CBS’ Judging Amy, Eli on Xena: Warrior Princess, King Richard in the short-lived musical series Galavant, and Cain on the long-running series Supernatural. Omundson is set to reprise is role as Chief Carlton Lassiter for Psych 3: This Is Gus in November 2021 on Peacock. 

Meanwhile, Season 4 of New Amsterdam has already been seeing some big changes for the characters. In the season premiere, it was revealed that, although they hadn’t been together for very long, Max was going to be following Helen to London as she takes care of her mother. That means leaving New Amsterdam with a completely new medical director, and she is not someone that Max is fond of. Bloom is trying to set her place at the E.D. with her girlfriend now a resident, and with Iggy no longer seeing patients, things have not been easy for him.

Don’t miss Timothy Omundson on New Amsterdam in the October 26 episode, “Laughter and Hope and a Sock in the Eye” at 10 p.m. EST on NBC!

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