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The Cast Of Disney's Halloweentown Reunited, And Honored Debbie Fisher
Raven’s Home Renewed For Season 2 On Disney Channel

While Season 1 is still airing over on Disney Channel, the network was already renewed Raven's Home for a second season.

Disney Is Apparently Laying Off A Ton Of ABC Employees

Disney is one of the biggest names in entertainment, but it's not immune to downswings in revenue, and a lot of employees are soon to find themselves out of a job. Here's what's happening.

Why Bill Nye Just Sued Disney

Bill Nye was a key figure in many childhoods due to his fun ways of sharing science, but he has something not-so-fun to share with Disney: a major lawsuit. Here's what's happening.

ESPN's Streaming Service Just Took A $1.5 Billion Step Forward

ESPN's streaming plans are pretty huge, and Disney is okay with making huge things happen.

Star Wars Finally Brought Wampas Back To Battle Princess Leia And Chewbacca

The Star Wars: Forces of Destiny shorts have been giving fans new material from some of the greatest heroines of the Star Wars universe. The latest sees Princess Leia join forces with Chewbacca to battle a classic beast.

Watch Ahsoka Reunite With Anakin And Yoda In New Star Wars: Forces Of Destiny Short

Star Wars: Forces of Destiny has brought together Ahsoka Tano with Anakin Skywalker and Yoda once more, and we get to see Ahsoka in action as a Jedi once more. Check it out!

Look For More Star Wars Questions To Be Answered On Forces Of Destiny

The Star Wars: Forces of Destiny animated web series has given fans a look at some of the most legendary heroes of Star Wars fame. Writer Jennifer Muro revealed to CinemaBlend how they fit into the Star Wars universe.

One Super-Specific Return Of The Jedi Question Just Got Answered With Star Wars’ New TV Short

The new Forces of Destiny series of Star Wars shorts has released a new episode, and it answers a question about Return of the Jedi that has been lingering since 1983.

Why Star Wars Needs To Be On TV Too, According To The Forces Of Destiny Writer

Star Wars is one of the biggest franchises in the world, and most people undoubtedly know it for the movies. There are a number of small screen series as well, and writer Jennifer Muro has weighed in on why they're important as well.

New Star Wars Miniseries Just Answered A Force Awakens Question

A new Star Wars web series just debuted, and it gave a closer look at one of the greatest heroines of the franchise. It also addressed an unanswered question from The Force Awakens, so check it out!

Could A Kim Possible Reboot Happen? Here's What The Star Says

Disney is no stranger to rebooting it's older TV shows, so how good are the chances for Kim Possible to come back? One actor reveals whether they've been called or beeped about a potential reboot.

That's So Raven Reboot Has Its First Trailer, Watch It Now

The first trailer for the That's So Raven reboot has arrived, and it's pretty amazing.

The Little Mermaid Is Getting A Live TV Special

ABC and Disney are producing a live version of The Little Mermaid, and it sounds extremely ambitious

Disney Channel Is Making A High School Musical About Zombies

A zombie-centric high school musical is heading to The Disney Channel. Here's what you need to know about the unusual project.

ABC Just Got A Lot Easier To Watch For Cord-Cutters

Disney and ABC have some pretty fabulous news for TV fans who have given up their cable packages.

Disney Just Confirmed The Fate Of One Huge Star Wars Rebels Character

Star Wars Rebels stars a cast of characters who never appeared in any of the original Star Wars trilogy movies, so we've never been able to say for sure if and when they'll be killed off. Now, we know the fate of one beyond what we've seen on large or small screen.

ESPN Is Laying Off Staff, Here's What We Know

ESPN's money troubles continue, and it's gotten to the point where major employees are up for the chopping block.

One Problem With Television, According To Disney's CEO

The man who runs Mickey Mouse has an issue with modern television, and he will not be denied!

Why Boy Meets World Connected With Fans So Much, According To Rider Strong

Rider Strong recently opened up regarding why Boy Meets World was able to resonate with so many fans. Here's what he had to say.

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