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Julianne Hough Is Dancing From Reality TV To Scripted TV For A New Show

The former Dancing With The Stars dancer has a new project on the way.

One Of The Gifted's Mutants Will Go Through Some Major Changes Soon

In the coming weeks on The Gifted, one of the main mutants characters will be going through some incredible changes.

Why Penny Johnson Jerald Knew That Season 2 Of The Orville Was Inevitable

Sometimes, you just know a show is going to make it past that first season hurdle. Penny Johnson Jerald knew it when she signed on for The Orville, and now you can read why.

How Jerome's Next Arc On Gotham Will Be Different From The Others

Perhaps no Gotham villain is quite a popular as Jerome, and now we know where Jerome is headed during his appearance in Season 4

A Christmas Story Live!, An Updated Cast List

Fox is at it again. The network hopped on the live musical bandwagon with Grease: Live in January 2016, and they plan to keep things going with A Christmas Story: Live this December. Casting information for the special is finally starting to trickle in, so look inside to see who we can expect to hit the stage in a few months.

Can Gotham’s Solomon Grundy Really Become Butch Again? Here’s What The Actor Says

Butch Gilzean on Gotham went through a big change for Season 4 when he became the zombie villain Solomon Grundy. Actor Drew Powell spoke with CinemaBlend about whether or not Grundy could truly become Butch again.

Gotham Reveals Solomon Grundy's Similarities To Frankenstein's Monster In Exclusive Season 4 Video

Gotham debuted a one-of-a-kind character in Season 4 with the hulking Solomon Grundy. In an exclusive video, Gotham producers compare Grundy to none other than Frankenstein in some pretty awesome ways.

New Girl Is Bringing A Former Guest Star Back For Season 7

One guest actor is making a return to New Girl for the first time since back in Season 2.

How The Orville's Penny Johnson Jerald Feels About Competing With Star Trek: Discovery

CinemaBlend spoke with The Orville's Penny Johnson Jerald about her show and Star Trek: Discovery both airing their freshman seasons at the same time. Read on for what she had to say!

Peter Griffin Is Terrible At Stand-Up Comedy In Exclusive Family Guy Season 15 Deleted Scene

Family Guy Season 15 is hitting DVD soon, and we've got an exclusive deleted scene for fans to watch.

Every TV Show Cancelled In 2017 So Far

Just because there are more TV shows than ever doesn't mean that all of those shows are extremely successful and capable of lasting until the end of time. (What show is, really, besides The Simpsons and 60 Minutes?)

Why One Of Carrie Fisher's Final Family Guy Performances Was So Hilariously Gross

One of Carrie Fisher's final episodes of Family Guy is airing this weekend and in true fashion, her recording of a certain joke was hilarious and just a little bit gross.

Is Gotham's Bruce Wayne Becoming Batman Sooner Than We Thought?

Everybody who watches Gotham knows that young Bruce Wayne is destined to someday become Batman, but probably not for a very long time. After the latest episode, we're wondering if maybe we were wrong.

The Simpsons Is Throwing In An Awesome Rick And Morty Joke Into The Next Episode's Opening Credits
The Orville Renewed For Season 2 At Fox

We have some great news for fans of one of Fox's most creative new shows: The Orville is getting another season.

24 Might Be Getting A Completely Different Kind Of Spinoff At Fox

It seems that 24 is coming back in a way that many of us likely didn't even expect. Here's what we know about the spinoff of the fan-favorite action series.

How Lucifer Will Continue Charlotte's Story In Season 3, According To Tricia Helfer

Tricia Helfer made her Lucifer debut in Season 2 as Lucifer's mom, and she's playing a very different role as Charlotte in Season 3. Helfer spoke to CinemaBlend about what's in store for Charlotte moving forward.

The Weird Reason Why The '90s X-Men Animated Series Almost Got Cancelled Too Soon

The X-Men animated series almost got the ax due to a very strange reason.

Gotham Just Recast One Of Its Big Villains

Gotham is bringing in someone familiar with DC comic book shows in a most villainous recasting.

Gilmore Girls' Matt Czuchry Is Dr. Beast Mode In New Trailer For New Show The Resident

Meet. Dr. Conrad Hawkins. He's like Dr. House cranked up to 11.

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