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That Time Will And Grace's Debra Messing Tried And Failed To Pull Off Rachel's Haircut From Friends

Once upon a time, Jennifer Aniston's hair as Rachel on Friends was the envy of women everywhere, and Will and Grace's Debra Messing attempted the hairdo for herself, but it didn't go so well.

Why Friends' Matt LeBlanc Turned Down Playing Modern Family's Phil Dunphy

It turns out Matt LeBlanc could have made Modern Family his first big TV show after Friends and its less successful reboot. Here's why it didn't happen.

How Jennifer Aniston Feels About People Talking About Her Nipples Showing On Friends

When Friends was on the air, the coffee wasn't the only perky thing happening. Here's how Jennifer Aniston feels about all the attention her nipples get.

This Giant Friends Argument Will Convince You That Rachel And Joey Were Meant To Be

If you've ever thought that Ross and Rachel were the couple, and that Joey and Rachel were not, get ready to change your mind.

Friends Get Spoofed With All Black Actors For Jay-Z's New Music Video For Moonlight

For Jay-Z's newest music video, some excellent actors came together and had everyone act out parts of a Friends episode. So weird, but so good.

Jennifer Aniston And Reese Witherspoon Are Set To Star In A New TV Show Together

Friends' vet Jennifer Aniston is heading back to the small screen with her former TV sister.

The Interesting Way Friends Still Affects Matthew Perry's Career

While Friends ended over a decade ago, it seems to still be affecting Matthew Perry's career post-Bing.

The Friends Nightmare That Matthew Perry Keeps Having

Matthew Perry shared with fans a recurring nightmare that he has about Friends, and it's pretty sad, for more reasons than one.

One Friends Plotline That Matthew Perry Refused To Do

Friends was on for a whopping 10 seasons, so it's not hard to imagine that there may be a lot of potential stories that never came to pass. Matthew Perry, for instance, just admitted that there was one story that he simply did not want Chandler Bing to be a part of.

How Friends Would Be Different In 2017, According To Jennifer Aniston

Friends was a TV mainstay for many years, and here's what it would look like in 2017, according to Jennifer Aniston.

Lisa Kudrow Is Reuniting With Friends' Co-Creator On Netflix

Did somebody say Friends reunion?! No? Ok, this isn't quite the team-up of our dreams, but it's still pretty great.

Chandler's Best One-Liner On Friends, According To Matthew Perry

Chandler Bing may be best known for his seemingly endless supply of one-liners on Friends. Matthew Perry has now revealed which one-liner he thinks was Chandler's greatest.

One Friends Star Still Responds When People Call Out The Character's Name

NBC's must see TV staple Friends ended over a decade ago, so it would make sense for none of you to expect those who played a part in the show to still answer when their character's name is yelled out. But, it looks like at least one of them still does exactly that.

The 7 Most Expensive TV Shows Of All Time

Here are the 7 most expensive TV series in the 80+ years that the small screen medium has been putting out programming.

7 Big Fan Theories That Completely Change Beloved TV Shows

Fan theories are a common occurrence online, and these seven completely change the way in which we view some of our favorite TV shows.

The Worst Thing One Friends Actor Said To Lisa Kudrow

Regardless, things weren't always an A+ on set. During a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live, Lisa Kudrow revealed the worst thing she heard on the set of Friends. Here's what went down.

A Friends Reunion? Here's What Lisa Kudrow Thinks

Fans of the, now classic, NBC sitcom Friends have been wondering for years if we'd ever get a reunion. Now, cast member Lisa Kudrow has weighed in on the issue.

Is Jennifer Aniston Returning To TV? Here’s What She Said

With TV quickly catching up to film in regards to great storytelling, is Jennifer Aniston ready to return to the small screen?

The Crazy Way Friends Connects To Home Alone

When you think of Friends and Home Alone, not a lot of similarities probably pop into your head, but a strange connection between the two was recently unearthed. Hit the jump for the details.

The Best Christmas TV Movies And Episodes On Netflix

Here are some of the best Christmas specials, TV episodes, and TV movies currently available on Netflix to get you through the holiday season!

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