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Outlander Just Revealed A Deadly Secret From Jamie’s Past

Outlander has taken Jamie and Claire in some very unexpected directions in Season 3. Now, a deadly secret about Jamie has been revealed, and he's undoubtedly in a great deal of trouble.

How Outlander Stars Reacted To Episode Airing With Pornographic Captioning

The stars of Outlander shared their thoughts on the show's embarrassing captioning error.

Outlander Just Delivered A Whole New Set Of Problems For Claire And Jamie

Outlander just kicked off the next leg of Jamie and Claire's journey in the 18th century, and the latest episode delivered a whole bunch of brand new problems for the duo.

What That Bloody Outlander Reunion Means For The Rest Of Season 3

The latest episode of Outlander featured a reunion that got violent and bloody quite quickly, and it means some big changes for the rest of Season 3.

Outlander Just Revealed Jamie's Big Secret, And It's A Doozy

Ever since Claire traveled back to the 18th century to reunite with Jamie, he's clearly been keeping a big secret. The latest episode revealed just what he's been hiding, and it's a big deal.

How That Big Outlander Reunion Set The Stage For The Rest Of Season 3

Outlander just delivered on a full reunion that fans have been waiting for, and the stage is now set for the rest of Season 3 is some exciting ways.

Outlander Just Cast Two Memorable Book Characters For Season 4

Outlander is already working on Season 4, and we know now that the show has cast a pair of unforgettable book characters with some pretty intriguing actors.

Why You Should Be Excited About Outlander's Next Episode

Outlander finally delivered the twist fans have been waiting for in the last episode. As it turns out, we have more than one big reason to be excited about the next episode.

The Unexpectedly Hilarious Way Outlander Delivered That Scene We’ve Been Waiting For

Outlander has finally delivered a certain plot twist many fans have been waiting for, and it happened in a way that was much funnier than expected.

Why Outlander Changed That Rape Scene From The Book

Outlander hasn't shied away from featuring scenes of sexual violence in the past, but Season 3 notably omitted one instance from the book. The executive producer has revealed why.

Outlander Just Delivered One Of Its Most Heartbreaking Twists Ever

Season 3 of Outlander has been rough for both Claire and Jamie in their different centuries, and the latest episode delivered a twist that was truly heartbreaking for one of them.

Outlander Just Revealed The Fate Of A Fan Favorite Character

After all of the time travel and the many bloody battles over the years of Outlander, there are some characters who disappeared and will likely never return. Luckily, the latest episode just revealed what happened to a fan favorite.

Outlander Just Delivered A Bloody Twist That Will Change Everything

Outlander Season 3 hasn't held back in Season 3, and the latest episode featured a twist that got very bloody for a certain character. Nothing will be the same moving forward.

Outlander Season 3 Is Already Breaking Records At Starz

Outlander recently returned from its long hiatus, and the numbers are in to tell us just how many people tuned into the premiere. At it turns out, Outlander is already breaking records.

Check Out Outlander's Sam Heughan Carrying A Big Deer Like A Boss In New Photo

Outlander has finally returned to the small screen for Season 3, and a new photo for the next episode reveals Sam Heughan impressively carrying a huge animal as Jamie Fraser. Take a look!

Outlander May Have Just Settled A Huge Time Travel Question

Outlander started out as the story of a woman who somehow ends up 200 years before her own birth, and the show hasn't given too many answers about how the time travel works. The Season 3 premiere may have just settled the question.

What That Big Outlander Death Means For The Rest Of Season 3

Outlander has officially returned to the airwaves after more than a year of hiatus, and the Season 3 premiere featured a death that means big changes for the foreseeable future.

9 Devastating Losses We Should Probably Expect In Outlander Season 3

Outlander is finally returning to Starz for Season 3, and fans can look forward to seeing Jamie and Claire back in action. Sadly, there are some losses that are probably on the way that we should prepare for.

Why Outlander Has The Best Sex On TV, According To Caitriona Balfe

Outlander is known for featuring a whole lot of especially steamy sex scenes between leads Claire and Jamie, and star Caitriona Balfe has come out and revealed why Outlander's sex is the best on TV.

Outlander Season 3 Photos Tease The Big Showdown We've Been Waiting For

Outlander is only days away from returning for Season 3, and it promises to bring a major showdown that fans have been awaiting for years. Photos from the premiere tease what's in store in the confrontation.

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