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New Arrow-verse Crossover Trailer Gives Closest Look At Earth-X Yet

The next big Arrow-verse crossover is only days away from debuting on The CW, and a brand new trailer has hit the web that gives the closest look yet at the horrifying Earth-X. Check it out!

The Flash Confirmed One Of DC's Weirdest Villains Is In This Universe

The latest episode of The Flash delivered a whole lot of new info on the Thinker, but it also took the time to confirm that one of DC's weirdest bad guys actually exists in the Arrow-verse.

Why The Thinker's Backstory Was One Of The Flash's Most Brilliant Moves

The Flash delivered one of its best episodes yet by delving into The Thinker's backstory, and everyone is the better for it.

The Flash May Have Just Revealed How The Thinker Can Be Defeated

The Flash delved into the Thinker's backstory in the latest episode, and it may have revealed how Team Flash will be able to defeat him.

Two Surprise Arrow-verse Characters Who Will Apparently Get Earth-X Versions In The Big Crossover

Two characters will be making a surprise appearance in DC's mega crossover, and fans should definitely be excited.

Watch The Flash, Supergirl And More Battle Their Nazi Doubles In Epic New Crossover Trailer

The next big superhero crossover is on the way, and the big trailer features the heroes of the Arrow-verse facing off against their evil doppelgangers. Check it out!

One DC Hero Who Isn't Part Of The Big Arrow-verse Crossover

One hero from the Arrow-verse won't be along for the ride in the upcoming mega crossover.

New Arrow-verse Crossover Pics Show First Look At The Ray, Dark Flash And More

The CW's upcoming Arrow-verse crossover unveiled a bunch of wild images, and we now have first looks at the crazy villains and more.

Is The Flash Trying To Kill Caitlin Off Soon?

The Flash has seen Danielle Panabaker's Caitlin Snow get into (and out of) some serious scrapes over the course of three and a half seasons, but a new episode synopsis that's been released is giving us a feeling that the (sort of) erstwhile Killer Frost might not be around for much longer.

Why The Flash's Big Thinker Reveal Only Makes Things Worse For Barry

The Flash dropped a big Thinker twist, but it will be more troublesome than Barry thinks.

How The Flash Just Advanced The Thinker Plot In A Huge Way

The Flash has been handling its supervillain differently in Season 4, and the latest episode just advanced the hunt for the Thinker in a big way.

Two Versions Of Harrison Wells That Were Cut Out Of The Flash's Council Of Wells Episode

Tom Cavanagh was disappointed a couple of his variants on Harrison Wells didn't make it into tonight's episode. Read on to find out more!

New Arrow-verse Crossover Trailer Gives First Look At Earth-X, And It's Horrifying

The big four-show crossover of The CW's Arrow-verse is on the way, and a new trailer gives a first look at Earth-X that is pretty horrifying. Check it out!

The Flash Showrunner Suspended After Sexual Harassment Allegations

The Flash showrunner and creator Andrew Kreisberg has reportedly been suspended amid sexual harassment allegations.

The Interesting Way The Arrow-verse Crossover Will Use Wentworth Miller

Looks like Leonard Snart will be appearing in that mega-crossover, but how?

Why The Flash Went In That Unexpected Direction With Its Latest Villain

The Flash just introduced a brand new baddie in the former of Amunet Black, played by Katee Sackhoff. She spoke to CinemaBlend and explained why Amunet had a particular unexpected trait.

How Katee Sackhoff's New Flash Villain Amunet Black Is Like The Joker

Did you catch Katee Sackhoff on last night's Flash? Here's what she told us about the performance.

How The Thinker Is Going To Make The Flash Darker As Season 4 Goes On

The Flash has been as fun as ever, but it looks like The Thinker will bring back some of the darkness.

The Flash Just Delivered Its Craziest Thinker Twist To Date

The Thinker has been a brand new kind of supervillain for Team Flash in Season 4, and The Flash just served up its craziest Thinker twist in the series so far.

When Amunet Will Return To The Flash, According To Katee Sackhoff

Katee Sackhoff just made her Flash debut as the villainess known as Amunet. Sackhoff spoke with CinemaBlend about when Amunet will make her big return to the show.

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