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Amazon Picks Up Betas And Alpha House To Series, Drops Two Other Pilots

Just a few weeks after Amazon made eight pilots available for audiences to both watch and review (as well as 14 children’s pilots), the company is busy deciding which pilots to move forward to series and which won’t make the cut. On Friday, Amazon announced Betas and Alpha House have earned pick ups, while the high profile project Zombieland and Browsers will not be moving forward.

New Pilots Among Amazon Instant Video's Most Watch Episodes This Weekend

Amazon could be changing the game in their efforts to present a selection of pilots so that the general public can weigh in before they make their final decision on which of them will go to series. Whether any of the networks or streaming video services decide to follow suit in the future remains to be seen, but it's certainly an interesting and interactive way to bring the viewers in earlier in the process of taking a pilot to series or inevitably scrapping it.

Amazon Pilots Review: A Lifeless Zombieland But Those Who Can't Can

Amazon Studios has posted eight new comedy pilots at, which they are allowing viewers to watch and leave their feedback before the studio decides which of these projects will go to series. The greenlit projects will eventually go on to become part of Amazon Prime's original streaming content. We're taking a look at all of them and sharing our thoughts on each of them this weekend. Here are the final two reviews, Zombieland and Those Who Can't.

Zombieland, Betas And Other Amazon Pilots Now Available To Watch And Review

Amazon's doing things a little bit differently than network television. Rather than making their series orders before presenting the chosen shows to viewers, they're turning their site into one big focus group in giving the public a look at the goods before any decisions are made on which pilots will go to series. Today, Amazon made fourteen pilots available for viewing through Amazon Instant Video.

Zombieland Trailer Arrives, Full Pilot To Be Made Available At Amazon

Following word that Amazon has given the official green light to the Zombieland pilot comes a trailer for the potential TV series, which would be available for Amazon Prime subscribers through the services streaming video feature, should it go to series. Like the film on which this TV project is based, this trailer sells zombies and humor, though I'm not sure it manages to match the tone of the film, but that may just be the trailer's miss and not a full reflection of the finished product. Or I'm just trying to be optimistic because I really want this comedy to work.

Zombieland TV Pilot Gets Official Green Light From Amazon, Lead Cast Confirmed

Zombieland may be a TV series soon enough! That in itself isn't really news. We've known that there's been a Zombieland pilot in development since January. But until today, Amazon hasn't gone on the record as being the studio behind the TV show follow-up to the popular zombie horror-comedy. film. Not only did Amazon announce that they've given the pilot the green light, which is in production, but they've also confirmed the cast for the project, which joins the other six comedy pilots and six children's pilots in the works at Amazon Studios.

Tucker & Dale Vs Evil Director In Talks To Helm Zombieland TV Show

As you may have heard, plans are in the works to turn Zombieland into a TV series - or back into a TV series, as that was intended plan for the original story before it went on to be a successful feature film in 2009. Recent updates on the potential zom-com TV series gave us some information on the characters and where they are in the post-movie story, as well as that Amazon might be the service to bring this project to us, as part of their planned line-up of original streaming programming.

Zombieland TV Show Reportedly In Development At Amazon

Just last week, we shared some updated information on the potential Zombieland TV series. With news that the project was possibly in the casting project, we were left to wonder if we might be hearing further updates on the status, including where it might land. Today, just such an update has arrived and it looks like Amazon could be the network streaming video serving looking to bring the zombie adventure-comedy to the small screen.

Zombieland TV Show Casting Update Offers Hints About The Plot Of The Potential Comedy

Back in 2011, there was talk of a possible Zombieland TV show in the works, but in case you hadn't noticed, it never came to fruition. There's an update on the potential project, as casting calls have reportedly gone out for the main characters, and there are a few interesting details about what Tallahassee, Columus, Whichita and Little Rock might be up to in this possible follow-up to the 2009 horror-comedy.

Rhett Reese And Paul Wernick Bringing Zombieland To Television?

On Sunday night, a record number of cable television viewers tuned in to watch what can only be described as a valiant but ultimately flawed attempt to bring zombies to a weekly television audience. AMC's The Walking Dead, based on the popular graphic novel by Robert Kirkman, is killing it in the ratings but the show itself, well, it needs improvement. Good news, though, there may be another popular zombie series in the next few years with a potential adaptation of Zombieland hitting TV screens.

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