The Blacklist's Aram Isn't Worried About The Future Despite His Parents In Fun New Episode Clip

The Blacklist entered a brand new era with Season 9, picking up after a time jump to show the task force getting back together despite the grief of losing Liz. They all moved on with their lives over their two years apart, and they have more on their plates than solving crimes again. For Aram, that meant developing security software that could take off if he and his partner can secure the right investor. In a fun exclusive clip (seen above) for the next new episode of The Blacklist on November 4, Aram talks about his lack of worry about his future with his parents, who… seem to be trying to worry him. 

On the one hand, his father shows his confidence that people will buy Aram’s software as soon as he secures the investment that is surely coming, while his mother compliments Aram for his “important” work at the FBI. On the other (and much funnier) hand, they have some critiques to go with their compliments, with his dad mentioning the “lost years” of his life and his mom noting that his work at the FBI “does wash out his complexion.” If only his mom knew what he got up to in his work at the FBI with the task force, she’d probably have larger concerns than his complexion! Last week’s car chase alone could do something to anybody’s face. 

The scene is a fun family moment – although maybe not as fun for Aram as for fans of The Blacklist getting a peek into his family life – on a show that has been pretty dark over the past several episodes. Liz’s death was heartbreaking, and none of them were fully over what they lost with the task force over the time jump. Otherwise, how could they have all jumped back into the work despite going in different directions over the two years? Ressler with his beard was less successful at moving on, knowing the future that he lost with Liz's death. And fans may not want to count on the entire episode on November 4 delivering quite as much amusement as Aram with his parents.

The episode, called “The SPK,” will see Aram facing a difficult decision, which seems to involve his future either with the FBI or with the security software enterprise he’d been working on. The episode also brings back Stacy Keach as Robert Vesco for a case that involves some stolen artifacts. A lot has changed over the years since Red has interacted with this particular blacklister, so there should be plenty going on with “The SPK.” This will only be the third episode of the ninth season as well, so it’s really only the beginning of this new era of the show. 

See what’s in store for Aram in addition to breakfast with his parents with the next new episode of The Blacklist, airing on Thursday, November 4 at 8 p.m. ET on NBC, ahead of the network’s Law & Order block of television. This is a new time slot for The Blacklist after moving from Fridays to briefly Wednesdays at the end of Season 8, and it could be a good one for the show in the fall TV lineup.

Laura Hurley
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