The Blacklist Team Looks Back On 8 Years With Liz Keen After Megan Boone's Exit

Megan Boone as Liz Keen in The Blacklist.

The Blacklist team had to say goodbye to another one of their own at the end of Season 8 and the departure was as emotional as could be expected. Megan Boone has officially exited the NBC drama after eight seasons and some of the team is looking back on their eight years with Liz Keen.

Harry Lennix, who portrays Harold Cooper on the series, took to Instagram to share some sweet thoughts about his costar and her character, as well as some adorable behind the scenes photos:

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Aram Mojtabai himself, Amir Arison, took a simpler route when it came to reflecting on his time with his costar. The actor posted a sweet photo on Instagram, courtesy of Megan Boone’s account, followed by the caption “8 years” to mark that they’ve been working together for almost a decade:

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The Blacklist creator Jon Bokenkamp, who recently announced that he will be departing the series ahead of Season 9, expressed his sincerest gratitude toward Megan Boone on Instagram. With the both of them departing the series at the same time, it could be more emotional for the two of them than it is for everyone else, considering without Bokenkamp, there would be no Liz Keen. The creator’s sweet message to the actress indicates that there aren’t any hard feelings between them and the show, and it was just their time to find something new:

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Shortly after The Blacklist’s season finale, Megan Boone not only launched her own production company, but has a first-look deal signed with Sony Pictures Television. The studio behind The Blacklist teaming with Boone means that she is staying with her longtime home, at least for now. It will be interesting to see what comes of it and if that means that Liz Keen could possibly return to the NBC drama in some way, despite the way things ended for her. But whatever the case, it’s great to see Boone sticking to her home, even if it means doing something different.

Following the Season 8 finale, Megan Boone took to Instagram to share a touching message to say goodbye to her beloved character and honor her journey on the series. She expressed gratitude towards her costars, the crew behind the scenes and the fans watching, as well as the character she played for eight seasons. While the way her story came to an end was heartbreaking, it's possible this won’t be the last time fans see her, as characters have been known to come back to The Blacklist in some form or other even when it seemed incredibly unlikely.

What the future holds for The Blacklist after the season finale is unknown, but it should be exciting, even if not everyone is returning. With Megan Boone’s new production company and deal, things are certainly going to be coming her way soon.

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