The Masked Singer EP On The 'Exciting' Aspect Of The Show's Unmasking Change For Season 8

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It wouldn’t be The Masked Singer if there wasn’t some unpredictably in the proceedings. Usually, it’s the scratch-your-head eliminations and unexpected winners that keep viewers guessing. But change goes beyond the contestants, as more recent seasons have seen new elements added to Masked Singer. Now, the format change-up and eliminations are colliding in a major way, as one of the show's executive producers spoke about the unmasking change for Season 8 and why it's going to be "exciting."

Executive producer Craig Plestis spoke about the latest format switch-up to the Fox singing competition during an interview with Entertainment Weekly. Each episode of the upcoming season will see one competitor eliminated immediately within the first round, with the remaining contestants battling it out to see who will move on to the next phase. This will be conducted for three rounds over three episodes until the series reaches its three semifinalists. Plestis couldn’t hold back his excitement for the switch-up, as he revealed that this will allow for certain singers to have more of an opportunity to shine:

It's so exciting because you'll see, will someone go and sweep all three episodes to go into the semifinals, or will each episode get a brand new king or queen? Because they're tough. We have some incredible talent this year, which is [also] really sad, especially for our panel, because they're so incredible you want to see them last a little longer. But it's the thrill of seeing them [unmasked] right away, to see if their guesses are right. It brings a whole new life and a whole new aspect to our show.

It sounds like there will be more unmasking and contestants for the panelists and audience to choose from. The Masked Singer change does sound more chaotic than the usual elimination process. Having someone ousted during the middle of the show sounds brutal. Yet at the same time, it does allow the competition to really narrow down the roster quickly so that the best singers are in the fray. With this, it appears that now more than in previous seasons the contestants will have to push harder to make an impact on audiences.

Along with multiple eliminations this season, there will be themed nights and clue packages. Fans may also have questions about the contestants on The Masked Singer, especially following Season 7's walk-off controversy involving Rudy Giuliani. The producer told EW that this go around will see beloved figures competing in the reality competition:

I like to consider this season, we have some of the most beloved celebrities and individuals across America and the world coming to our stage. The magic is back, I like to say, that's my tagline for the show. We have it. And just come and experience it. You're going to smile. You're going to have fun. You're going to guess like you've never guessed before. And with new masks each week, with double unmaskings each week, it's like nothing else we've ever done before in the history of Masked Singer.

It appears that this year, buzz will be generated by eliminations and the panel’s haphazard judgments as opposed to polarizing contestants. Hopefully, the Season 8 winner won’t be met with mixed feelings like last season or almost get spoiled like The Goldbergs' Hayley Orrantia. But all in all, the show appears to be going back to its madcap roots with viewers focusing more on who’s behind the costumes, and I'm pumped to see how it all plays out!

The Masked Singer Season 8 will premiere on September 21 at 8 p.m. EST on Fox. In addition to the reality singing competition, there are multiple new and returning TV premieres happening this fall. 

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