Why The Masked Singer's Season 7 Premiere Was The Series' Most Chaotic Yet

Jenny McCarthy on The Masked Singer
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Warning! The following contains spoilers for The Masked Singer’s Season 7 premiere. Read at your own risk!

The Masked Singer just premiered Season 7, and it was without a doubt the most chaotic premiere in the show’s history. The premiere featured not one, but two truly wild and seemingly unplanned moments, which certainly got the show off to an unexpected start. 

It’s not like surprise unmaskings and medical events are uncommon on The Masked Singer, but I’m not sure fans have ever experienced both happening in one night. Let’s run down the two moments below, and of course, kick things off with the eliminated contestant who got unmasked earlier than the episode intended.

McTerrier on The Masked Singer on Fox

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The McTerrier Got Unmasked A Wee Bit Too Early

McTerrier took the stage with all the confidence of a seasoned professional, so it’s a shame he didn’t match that energy when moving around the stage. It seemed The Masked Singer competitor couldn’t see too well out of his mask, which led to a couple of bumps and stumbles throughout the performance as he sang “Workin' For The Weekend” by Loverboy. It all led to McTerrier nearly stepping off the stage, and then in the panic to recover, he accidentally punched the nose of the mask and it flew off his face. 

The Masked Singer contestant was successfully able to hide his face from the crowd but found himself eliminated at the end of the episode anyway. McTerrier was none other than Food Network’s Duff Goldman, who frankly, I think could’ve easily lasted longer. This was definitely one of those unlucky eliminations where perhaps he might’ve gone at least a few rounds further if he had less talented people in his lineup. Of course, the conspiracy theorist in me wants to believe the surprise unmasking impacted his elimination, but I’ll just let that suspicion rest for now. 

Firefly on The Masked Singer

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Firefly “Choked” During Her Performance

Firefly was the next contestant to suffer a mishap during The Masked Singer’s Season 7 premiere, and it was much scarier. The contestant kicked things off with a stunning performance of “Ain’t Nobody” by former contestant Chaka Khan, but things quickly stopped when she grabbed her throat. Firefly began coughing, and people rushed the stage in an effort to help her. The scene cut away, and Nick Cannon told viewers that staff was busy attending to her backstage. 

Later in the episode, Firefly returned to the stage and, like before, absolutely crushed the performance. It was far and away the best performance of the evening, so it’s a given she’s already my favorite to win The Masked Singer Season 7. Of course, we’re only in the first episode, so maybe it’s just a bit premature to be playing favorites. In either case, hopefully the chaos calms down this season, though based on rumors from last month about this season, that’s up for debate

The Masked Singer Season 7 airs on Fox Wednesdays at 8:00 p.m. ET. It’s one of many great returning shows coming back to television in the coming weeks, so be sure to keep an eye on primetime to see what else is coming back, and stick with CinemaBlend for a rundown of every elimination

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