T.J. Holmes And Amy Robach May Be Done With GMA, But They Reportedly Have A Plan To Stick Around On TV

Although T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach have been off the air since news of an alleged affair between the two GMA 3 hosts broke in late 2022, one could say that figuratively it has kind of been the Amy and T.J. show. Fans have followed the couple as they weathered an ABC investigation, successfully negotiated out of their daytime TV contracts and then celebrated with a vacation in Mexico. Now, they might be out of the TV game, but they allegedly have a plan to stick around on the small screen. 

Amy Robach And T.J. Holmes: From Network To Cable Stars?

If reports hold true, the two former GMA anchors are hoping to stay in the limelight, just via a new network -- potentially a cable one. An insider spoke to Radar and said the couple is hoping their “undeniable chemistry” will make them attractive to cablers. They are hoping to use their time in the limelight to pitch a syndicated cable show, and they may even go where Chris Cuomo went after his scandal: News Nation

Reportedly the two would like to stick around on television and think they have the chops to weather the affair scandal, with an insider noting they are not “scarred” about what happened.

Can they pull it off? Stranger things have happened. Daytime television is a different ballgame these days and TJ and Amy have what it takes. They are not too scarred from the scandal.

The two have been off the air since November, when news of the alleged affair first broke. Both stars had chemistry while on the air and had spent time going on double dates with each other (and with their then-partners) before their respective splits. Her kids even babysat his. 

The news breaking and subsequent investigation led to additional reports of affairs T.J. Holmes had allegedly had with other women on the ABC show. In addition, the way the news broke also allegedly led to some hard feelings on GMA with famous personalities including David Muir reportedly being unhappy with the way the news played out. 

Despite the drama, Holmes and Robach have remained a couple. 

Will A TV Comeback Pan Out For The Two Former GMA Stars?

There’s no telling whether this is just a rumor or a real hope for the two stars, but it’s worth noting that when ABC underwent its investigation, it wasn’t clear the two would leave the network right away. In fact,  T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach perhaps became more popular once they split from their spouses and moved on with each other. 

Back in December, a crisis manager spoke out as the whole story played out in the headlines, and said the Holmes/Robach relationship would be less of a problem at pretty much any other network that was not ABC. The reason? ABC is owned by Disney and the moral standards at that network take precedence over work done. Crisis manager Eric Schiffer said: 

They're known for a certain standard of moral conduct. I think Amy and T.J.’s careers are likely asphyxiated at Disney and Good Morning America. I think had they been at a different network, they may have continued on. In fact, the ratings may have been of even better.

It’s also worth noting that Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes will doubtless want to get back to work at some point. T.J. Holmes is only 45 years old, and Amy Robach just turned 50 earlier this month. Neither are approaching retirement age at this point, so why not try and make a return to TV? 

We’ll have to wait and see what happens, but if the new reports are true, the couple is “being urged by managers to wait for the next round of syndicated television pitches,” presumably to give them a little space between the story playing out and a potential career comeback. Given the recent vacation, they're seemingly enjoying the free time. 

Jessica Rawden
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