Amy Robach And T.J. Holmes Soak Up The Sun And Engage In PDA While On Vacation Following Their Exits From GMA

Following Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes’ alleged workplace affair, the two find themselves facing a very different kind of reality. The two former GMA3 anchors signed their exit agreements at the end of January and, as of right now, they’ve yet to be scooped up by another news network. Their professional futures seem to be uncertain at the moment, but that doesn’t seem to be getting them down. At present, Holmes and Robach are vacationing together in Mexico. Photos from the trip show the two soaking up the sun and also engaging in a bit of PDA. 

The couple seem to be living it up in Puerto Vallarta, which further suggests that they made out well when it came to their severance packages from ABC. obtained photos that show the two hanging out by the pool, and they seemed quite cozy. The two shared a kiss by the pool, as they enjoyed the scenery and each other’s company. One can also see that Amy Robach is sporting the $650 “promise ring” T.J. Holmes bought for her. As seen in the photos, that piece of jewelry was hung on a $350 gold Tiffany chain, which was another gift from her beau.

This vacation, of course, hasn’t been limited to spending time by the pool. Photos from TMZ’s photogs captured the two walking the streets of Puerto Vallarta, during which they took in the sites. Per the news outlet’s report, the two seemed happy and enthusiastically greeted the folks they encountered. They also engaged in some PDA here, too, as they held onto each other’s waists while walking along. 

Earlier this month, a reputation manager opined that T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach’s relationship was “suffocating” as a result of their professional circumstances. However, based on these new snapshots, their romance seems to be as strong as ever. This isn’t the first time they’ve been spotted hanging out in public amid their affair rumors either. Back in December, Robach and Holmes were spotted hanging out in New York City (and the Internet had a lot of thoughts). Later in the month, the two would vacation together in Miami, where they would ultimately spend the holidays. 

Specific details on the severance packages the two media personalities received are currently unknown. As previously mentioned though, they must’ve been pretty sizable if the GMA alums are able to get around like this. Romantic getaways aren’t the only way that the two have seemingly been cashing in on using their exit deals. Amy Robach just purchased a penthouse apartment in NYC, and it’s reportedly valued at $2.3 million. It goes without saying that she’s really using her cash to make a fresh start. 

Speaking of fresh starts, many are likely waiting to see where the two might end up next. It’s far from guaranteed that they’ll get hired somewhere else, but sources allege that they aren’t worried about finding work. However, it’s also been said that the lovers are conscious of just how much of a stir they’ve caused and that “they know the dust needs to settle a bit more before they get another job.” Prospective employers are in an intriguing spot, as picking them up could lead to high ratings – and possibly draw some scrutiny. 

What seems clear, though, is that Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes are using this time to relax and enjoy their time together. It’s likely that they want to rest and recharge before stepping back into the journalism arena for the next phases of their careers. Avid news junkies will surely be watching with great interest as Holmes and Robach plot out their next moves.

Erik Swann
Senior Content Producer

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