Why Tyler Perry Will Give Up Some Creative Control Of His TV Projects In The Coming Years

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When it comes to churning out content consistently in Hollywood, few people can match Tyler Perry. The multi-hyphenate has spent most of his career writing, producing and directing multiple television series (and motion pictures) over nearly two decades. But the days of the one-man content machine approach to his work might be ending soon, according to Perry. The creative recently divulged why he might be relinquishing some control in the coming years.

This recent development marks a major shift from the entertainer's previous statements. The Diary of a Mad Black Woman scribe made headlines after he explained why he doesn't have writers’ rooms for his various TV shows.Of course, as his career continues to grow, creating and producing his own content essentially on his own might not be feasible for him. The Those Who Wish Me Dead actor spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about his timetable for relinquishing creative control:

I’m the volume guy for about three or four more years. My plan is to relinquish to a lot more directors and writers to take over a lot of these shows that I’ve started.

After working hard in Hollywood for decades, Tyler Perry is seemingly ready to enter a new creative era in his career. Cranking out multiple episodes for multiple series over multiple years would be exhausting for anyone, to be honest. Of course, Perry won’t relinquish full control, as his shows are his babies, after all. Still, let's be honest, the media mogul’s current schedule would make anyone want to pull back a bit. In the same interview, he revealed what a typical writing session is like for him while further elaborating on his reasoning for the change:

It’s going to be more of me overseeing, rather than doing the hands-on work. For the past six weeks, I was in the mountains. I wrote 72 episodes of television — just me in a room by myself, sitting out there, looking at the moose and the mountains. I treat it like a job. Every morning, after I work out, I start writing at 7 and don’t finish until 7 in the evening. I do that every day until it’s done. I love it. And I love directing for 12- or 15-hour days. But I realize there’s so much more that I could be doing if I were to hand some of the other stuff off — rather than doing it all myself.

With a schedule like that, the decision to hand over some control to other creatives is totally understandable. And let's not forget the fact that he's not just writing and directing his shows but also acting in and producing other properties that don't hail from his production company. All in all, employing more writers and directors will help him to focus on other film and television projects. And it'll not only be a win for Perry but up-and-coming writers and directors as well.

As the change begins to take shape, it'll be interesting to see who Tyler Perry tasks for his projects moving forward and how the shows will grow creatively. Some of Perry's fan-favorite productions have come to an end recently, but the super producer certainly has plenty of new and exciting projects coming. And rest assured that his creative touch will likely still be felt to some degree in the years to come.

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