Alita: Battle Angel Could Have The Perfect Disney Parks Attraction, Should The Franchise Ever Take Off

Alita looking determined before a fight in Alita: Battle Angel.
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Avatar: The Way of Water has gotten the world talking about Jake Sully’s continuing adventures, while also reminding the world that the quest for a sequel to Alita: Battle Angel remains ongoing. While there’s still no concrete movement on putting that project on the schedule of new movie releases, hope is still kindled by fans and producers alike. If the fates allow, Disney could have another hit franchise on their hands, which means it would be time to think about how to transfer that success to Disney Parks. 

As luck would have it, Alita: Battle Angel already has the perfect park attraction that could be implemented rather easily. And the best part is it wouldn’t be as hard to land as Avatar’s expansive presence at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. With that in mind, let’s talk about why Alita should find a home in the Disney Parks, and where such an attraction could possibly be set up.

Hugo and Alita stand around in the Motorball pits in Alita: Battle Angel.

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Passport To Iron City Is The Perfect Alita Park Attraction

The best part about bringing Alita: Battle Angel to the Disney Parks is that there’s already an idea that can easily fit the bill. During the theatrical release of the film, a limited run escape room/immersive experience called Passport to Iron City ran in Los Angeles, Austin and New York City. While it may need to be scaled a bit differently to fit into a theme park attraction, there’s still a proof of concept that would save time and money on development.

All of the components to Passport to Iron City would make for a unique experience, especially for those that want to get up close and personal with the world of Robert Rodriguez’s manga adaptation. Seeing as it’s a proven concept that’s delighted people on the past, it’d almost be like reviving an attraction that already existed in the Disney Parks. 

Flight of Passage shore

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An Alita Attraction Wouldn’t Nearly Be As Extensive As Animal Kingdom’s Pandora

While Alita: Battle Angel and the Avatar franchise are considered siblings, bringing the world of Iron City to life wouldn’t have to be as extensive as Pandora’s addition to Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Ideally, it’d be really cool to see the imagineers at Disney Parks bring a full-fledged version of Iron City to life, keeping things narrowed to the original Passport to Iron City would still do just fine.

Though if there was ever a need for a larger attraction, this idea could be scaled into something grander. It would all depend on how big Disney wants to go with an Alita themed attraction, as Disney Hollywood Studios or even Epcot could provide some promising options. That concern would also depend on where a potential Passport to Iron City clone would be stationed, with one location in particular seeming primed to fulfill this dream.

Alien Encounter attraction sign

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Walt Disney World’s Tomorrowland Already Has The Perfect Space

There’s a couple of spots that could give Passport to Iron City a fitting Disney theme park home. Walt Disney World especially has the land and the spaces in need of potential refresh that would be a fitting home. Out of all the candidates, the best space for this potential Alita: Battle Angel action would probably be where Alien Encounter and Stitch’s Great Escape once sat in the Tomorrowland section of the Magic Kingdom.

Between the futuristic setting, as well as the new blood being brought in by the upcoming Tron Lightcycle Run coaster, Alita’s presence could help achieve a greater goal. With another new attraction on the docket, Walt Disney World’s Tomorrowland could be pushed further towards a much needed refurb similar to the one coming to Tokyo Disneyland. 

Christoph Waltz stands with a rocket hammer at the Kansas Bar in Alita: Battle Angel.

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Alita: Battle Angel Appeals To A Demographic Disney Struggles With

In all of its entertainment offerings, Disney proper tends to struggle with anything that’s not fairy tale-based. One only has to look at how Strange World performed at the box office to be given flashbacks to the times projects like Treasure Planet cratered in release. Alita: Battle Angel is a property that would help the studio combat this sort of trouble. 

Passport to Iron City has the appeal that would draw in older parkgoers and moviegoers alike thanks to the Alita brand. As if that wasn’t enough, adults would have a new place to drink unique creations, as the Kansas Bar would accompany the immersive puzzle solving experience at the heart of that attraction.

With plenty of attractions that cater to younger visitors, this concept is something that would be likely to keep older park patrons busy. It also wouldn't be a bad spot for park fans to feature on social media, showing off the Kansas Bar as they would any other magical watering hole.

Alita posed at the starting line in Motorball gear in Alita: Battle Angel.

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Passport To Iron City Would Keep Walt Disney World Competitive With Universal

Circling back to the escape room aspect of Passport to Iron City, there’s one more win that Disney Parks could count on. As Universal Studios Orlando is getting people hyped up about its Great Movie Escape attraction, which adds two new escape rooms based off of Back to the Future and Jurassic World, Walt Disney World would have its own quick way to jump in on that craze.

Better still, if Passport to Iron City performs well enough, and should Alita: Battle Angel get back on track with its sequels, this could be a small step towards a larger experience. It wouldn’t be a bad thing to have another attraction on hand in case something like the Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith needs to be replaced or rethemed. Can you say “Motorball themed Alita-Coaster?” 

It’s all big dreaming at the moment, especially with no concrete plans for an Alita sequel. So long as Jon Landau keeps pushing for that next movie, fans should keep hope alive for not only a cinematic return to Iron City, but also the chance to physically step into the battle against against the evil Nova. That story is yours to revisit or to experience for the first time, as Alita: Battle Angel is currently streaming for those of you with a Hulu subscription

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