Disney Wish: New Cruise Ship Hits Cast Members With Bad News

The Disney Wish is the newest entry in the company’s fleet of cruise ships and it’s a highly anticipated new vacation destination. The Wish is set to take its maiden voyage with guests in just about three weeks, but some potential voyagers just got hit with some bad news. As Disney has cancelled a pair of test cruises for cast members, ahead of the Christen Cruise, set to take place next week.

The first official voyage of the Disney Wish is taking place in the middle of July, but that wasn’t supposed to be the ship’s first actual trip. The Christening Cruise is set to leave Port Canaveral on June 29, but before even that, a pair of test cruises were planned. Employees of the Walt Disney Company were invited to take part in a pair of test cruises this week that were designed to give the boat and its staff a bit of a shakedown and make sure everything was ready for guests. According to the Orlando Sentinel, those test cruises will now not happen, as the Wish preps for next week’s event.

There’s a lot to be excited about on board the Disney Wish. The ship offers the first “attraction at sea” in the Aquamouse. There’s a MCU themed Marvel dining experience that will include Paul Rudd and Brie Larson, as well as, apparently the ability to use a Quantum Core to change the size of your food. There’s also a Star Wars lounge that honestly looks to be better than visiting Oga’s Cantina at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.  

It’s got to be a pretty big bummer if you were a Cast Member ready to go on one of these test cruises. Being one of the first to sail on the Disney Wish would be a lot of fun, and it’s a nice perk to offer to Cast Members, to give them a chance to visit the ship before anybody else. It’s unclear if there will be another opportunity for Cast Members who lost out, or if Disney will offer some other perk to make up for it.

It’s unclear what the specific reason for the cancellation is, if it’s a problem with the ship or the staff or something else. Clearly Disney Cruise Line feels right now that whatever the hiccup is will be fixed by next week, since the Christening Cruise was not cancelled or postponed. And one assumes that Cast Members going on a test cruise are prepared for the possibility that not everything would work perfectly. It would seem that something that Disney wanted ready for the Christening Cruise wasn’t going to be able to be completed during test cruises. 

CinemaBlend is scheduled to attend the Christening Cruise, so we’ll certainly be keeping an eye on it. If this issue is more significant than it appears, that event will likely be cancelled or postponed very soon. The good news is that guests waiting to go on the July 14 maiden voyage of the Disney Wish, which had already been postponed once, are probably safe as there is nearly a month until then, allowing Disney plenty of time to get the Wish ready.  

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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