Fans Not Happy After Disneyland Cancels Oga’s Cantina Reservations Without Notice

Two stormtroopers stand outside of Oga's Cantina at Disneyland.
(Image credit: Disney Parks)

Anyone who has taken a vacation to Disneyland knows that it can be a challenge to make the most of your time and money. With so many amazing attractions to enjoy, and so many other guests who want to enjoy them too, guests often plan their trips months in advance. So, when some of the park guests’ upcoming reservations for the popular Oga’s Cantina were canceled without notice, they shared their surprise and displeasure on social media.

Just recently, some Disneyland guests with trips planned in early 2022 got some unexpected news in their inbox. Check out the tweet down below: 

The automatically generated emails appear to have gone out to any guest who made a reservation to dine at the popular restaurant. While the park did not offer a reason for the cancellation, it appears that at least guests allegedly received gift cards from the park. The sudden notice, leaving some guests with just a couple of weeks to make new plans, naturally led Twitter users to hypothesize about the situation. Given that reservations were once again opened up once the cancellations went through, one Twitter user speculated that Disneyland will be changing their capacity limits for attractions: 

They figured the only fair thing to do was cancel everyone and have them rebook rather than pick and choose who cancels and gets to keep their reservation.

Many people replying to the tweet with the news seemed to believe it was in some way related to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Whatever the reason, fans left without reservations may be scrambling for a plan B during their upcoming visit. Oga’s Cantina is one of many Star Wars-themed attractions at Disneyland, as part of Galaxy's Edge. The park's official website highlights its authentic atmosphere, designed to make you feel as though you’re among the galaxy’s hardest-working bounty hunters and smugglers. It even has a droid DJ on site. 

Since it opened, the eatery has been one of the busiest dining locations at Disneyland, with hours-long wait times – so it seems as though reservations would be especially coveted by guests. One of the reasons for its ongoing popularity could be that it’s the only restaurant in the park where guests can get an adult beverage. 

There’s also the fact that it’s connected to Star Wars, one of the park’s biggest draws these days. Rides like  Rise of the Resistance have also seen long standby lines since they opened. 

While Disneyland is currently in full swing celebrating the holiday season, it’s too soon to know whether there will be additional changes made for other guests’ reservations. Since the park reopened following its historic closure at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, its staff has navigated a few logistical challenges, including major changes to its Annual Pass system and a lengthy closure of the iconic It’s a Small World ride. Disney has not yet released a statement clarifying why the Oga’s Cantina reservations were cancelled. 

Katherine Webb