Disneyland And Disney World Announce Additions To The Parks Following Massive Price Increase

Yesterday was a big day for Disney Parks bottom line, as we saw nearly across the board price increases for everything from Disneyland ticket price to food and drink at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World. As one might expect, fans didn’t love that news, but perhaps some will feel a little better as a day later new additions have been confirmed coming to both coasts as Fantasmic will finally return to Disney’s Hollywood Studios next month, and MagicBand+ will debut at Disneyland Resort before October is over. 

MagicBand+ will officially make its debut at Disneyland Resort on October 26, although Magic Key holders, Disney Vacation Club members and Cast Members will have access beginning October 19. MagicBands will act as your park ticket, room key, and give you access to your Genie+ or Individual Lightning Lane return times. In future, additional features will be added, including the ability to pay for food and merchandise by tapping the band.

The new MagicBand+ also includes LEDs that will light up along with upcoming nighttime spectaculars. The first to work with the bands will be the holiday themed Believe… in Holiday Magic and World of Color – Season of Light. They will also work with the World of Color – One and Wondrous Journeys shows that are set to debut in January.

MagicBand+ has been running at Walt Disney World for several months, but this is the first time any version of the MagicBand has been available at Disneyland Resort. Guests that already bought them for use at Walt Disney World can use the same devices at Disneyland or they can be purchased for $34.99.

For those that love nighttime spectaculars at Walt Disney World, there’s also good news, as Fantasmic, the Disney’s Hollywood Studios version that has been MIA since the park reopened after the pandemic closure, will finally be back in November. An exact date has yet to be confirmed, but considering that the show hadn’t been discussed by Disney recently, beyond showing up in a slide at the D23 Expo, it was unclear if the show would actually be back this year, despite promises. 

While most right thinking humans are in agreement that the Disneyland version of Fantasmic, which has been back at that park since May, is the superior Fantasmic, the Disney’s Hollywood Studios version does have one very welcome thing that Disneyland does not, seating. The returning Fantasmic will also include some brand new elements when it debuts. 

Seeing this news drop one day after the price increases certainly feels like an attempt to make fans upset at the new higher prices have something new to focus on. These announcements will certainly make some fans happy, especially after the bad news of yesterday. At the same time, seeing the return of a show that was around three years ago when the parks were cheaper, and the addition of a new service that will just cost more money on top of the higher ticket prices may not do quite enough for everybody.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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