Disney World's Fantasmic Will Add Elsa, Aladdin, And More When It Returns

Elsa ties her hair up before running in Frozen II.
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Much like the world of theatrical exhibition, the realm of theme parks has been gradually getting closer to normal in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Doing its own part to welcome guests back to the experiences they know and love, Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios is hard at work on changes to Fantasmic, which is on track for a 2022 reopening. While we still have no idea when it’s reopening, Frozen’s Elsa and Aladdin will be there to greet guests, as they’re among the characters being added to this new spin on a classic attraction.

In a press release from Disney Parks (via Blog Mickey), the official line is that this particular spectacle is still on track to reopen this year. Being a part of the new additions to expect at Disney World in 2022, the new and improved Fantasmic is adding a new segment that will boast Elsa and Aladdin, as well as the inclusion of Pocahontas, Mulan, and Moana. “New technical enhancements” are also on the books, though what that entails is as vague as the information on any sort of projected reopening.

Changing up the lineup for Fantasmic makes total sense, especially when looking at who’s being brought along for the ride. Without a doubt Frozen is still a very popular IP at the parks, with tons of Arendelle themed experiences available at Walt Disney World to please fans of Elsa and Anna. Including the famed ice queen alongside characters like Aladdin and Mulan, who have been kept in the conversation through live-action remakes, only seems fair. Also, how do you have a water based show without at least a mention of Moana

Fantasmic has been closed at both domestic Disney parks since the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, and Walt Disney World has clearly taken the opportunity to spruce things up. It certainly feels like a good time, as this is the first and only time Hollywood Studios had totally closed the show since its 1998 opening. Always wanting to be on the cutting edge of theme park technology, Disney Parks could introduce its impressive robotic performers into the mix, amping up the wow factor alongside these new players.

Everything is being played close to the vest at this point, which is to be expected in anticipation of the reopening of Fantasmic. As Disney World moves forward with the plans to restore the show to its roster of impressive shows, the powers that be won’t want to spoil the magic for anyone. For now, park fans will have to imagine how these new members of the team will help Mickey in his aquatic quest against the most evil characters in the Disney pantheon.

Fantasmic is slated to reopen at some point this year, but it’s uncertain whether we should count these additions to the Hollywood Studios version as part of what to expect at Disneyland in 2022. Maybe they’ll get lucky and see waltzing animatronics, like the ones at Tokyo Disneyland’s Beauty and the Beast, added into the show. What we can say for certain is if you’re a Disney fan who wants to see what’s coming to a theater near you, you’re going to want to learn about the 2022 movie releases we know are on the way.

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