Watch Mickey Mouse Make An Amazing Recovery After A Nearly Disastrous Fantasmic Accident At Disneyland

Mickey Mouse in Fantasmic show at Disneyland
(Image credit: Disney )

After years away from Disneyland (which is trying to get back to normal) thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Fantasmic! Show finally returned to the California park last week. The nightly show notably features dazzling special effects and appearances by beloved Disney characters and takes place at the Rivers of America. Unfortunately, at a recent showing, Mickey Mouse had an incident on stage but, thankfully, the character made an amazing recovery. 

Disney-goer Scott Gustin captured the unfortunate incident during a recent Fantasmic performance right before Mickey Mouse shot fireworks out of his arms. Take a look: 

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During the short clip, Mickey can be seen running to the middle of the stage before slipping and falling.  Fortunately, the Disney character manages to get their bearings and shoot the fireworks out of their arms, but this could have gone terribly wrong if it happened while the character had the effects going. 

The Twitter user made light of the accident, calling Mickey Mouse inspirational for getting back up after getting “knocked down” and shooting the fireworks out of his hands. But as one commenter pointed out, they have allegedly recently changed Mickey’s choreography to “run up the stairs and across the stage much faster than before” perhaps increasing the probability for a fall like this. 

Many of the viewers of the video were, of course, concerned for the cast member in the costume, who seemed to take quite the fall during the show. The clip admittedly begs the question of whether the performers are safe on that stage and in that attire or if the new version of the show is somehow a safety hazard. Hopefully, this is a one-time incident that was just the result of a little clumsiness on that particular night.

Fantasmic originally opened back in 1992 and involves water fountain, pyrotechnic, projections, laser and lighting effects to the show’s theme, starring Mickey Mouse himself. There’s also a version in Hollywood Studios at the Disney Parks in Florida. 

Fantasmic finally returned to Disneyland on May 28 following the returns of the Disneyland Forever fireworks show and the World of Color show in California Adventure in late April. The Main Street Electrical Parade also recently made its way back to the original Disney Park, while it's been recently rumored that the popular Paint the Night parade could make its debut in Walt Disney World. 

The park has seen some other fresh additions as well, as Disneyland also introduced Boba Fett and Fennec Shand to Galaxy’s Edge just last week. And they've already been spotted in the California park. Over at California Adventure, Scarlet Witch has joined Doctor Strange in Avengers Campus to go with the release of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

There's certainly a lot to be excited about if you're a Disney Parks fan. Let's just hope that there aren't any other close calls like the one that recently befell good 'ole Mickey Mouse.

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