Josh Gad Got To Be A Jungle Cruise Skipper At Disneyland And Now I Need Him In The Dwayne Johnson Sequel

Josh Gad as a Jungle Cruise skipper
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The Jungle Cruise is one of Disneyland Resort's most iconic attractions. The ride was an opening day attraction at Disneyland in 1955, and while it has gone through a lot of changes over the decades (most notably becoming a lot more fun) it has always been popular among fans. It's popular enough that it spawned its own movie, and since Jungle Cruise 2 is reportedly in development, might I suggest they consider adding new Disney Legend Josh Gad because it turns out the guy knows his way around a Jungle Cruise pun.

Actor Josh Gad recently got to live out a dream by being a Jungle Cruise skipper and honestly, Disney should have hired him decades ago. In a new video from Disney Parks, Gad says he always wanted to be a skipper. And whether that's true or not, he's pretty damn good at the job, check it out.

Josh Gad would make a pretty solid Jungle Cruise skipper if that whole "professional actor and comedian" thing doesn't work out for him. He drops many of the classic Jungle Cruise puns that we know and love like he's been doing it for a long time. He even creates a couple of jokes of his own, including one that references Frozen 2, of course.

One area of the ride we don't get to see much of in the video is the new bit. Jungle Cruise was recently updated at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World and some of the attractions segments were changed. I guess Disney wants to get you to actually visit the parks to see what's new.  We do get to see him make the ride's most famous joke, revealing to the guests "the backside of water."

I feel like Josh Gad is so good at this that he needs to find an additional outlet for Jungle Cruise puns, so let's see about getting him added to the cast of the forthcoming sequel. Disney has announced that the movie version of Jungle Cruise, which starred Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt, will be getting a sequel. And a sequel always needs a few new cast members. If nothing else the movie will need a villain. How about one that drops bad puns as often as Dwayne Johnson's hero?

What Jungle Cruise 2 would actually be about is anybody's guess. One assumes we'll see Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt go in search of a new treasure by traveling down another major world river. The first movie was set on the Amazon River, and the Jungle Cruise attraction, between its multiple versions around the world, is set on numerous global rivers. 

Josh Gad clearly had fun on the Jungle Cruise, and even got a free Dole Whip out of the deal. He'll be back working with Disney before too long, on Frozen 3, since we know it's on the way, but Gad does a lot of work with Disney, so maybe a Jungle Cruise movie appearance isn't out of the question.


Dirk Libbey
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