The Disneyland Treehouse's New Theme Has Finally Been Revealed, And Sorry, It's Not Encanto

The treehouse at Disneyland’s Adventureland isn’t exactly the most popular attraction in the park. At best, it’s a fun little diversion, something to do that doesn’t require that you stand in line to check it out. Originally designed as a Swiss Family Robinson experience before being rethemed to Tarzan in the ‘90s. The treehouse has been under renovation for over a year, with no information on exactly what it would be. Now we know, but the answer may disappoint some, as it isn’t a new Encanto attraction. In fact, it’s reverting to its original theme, sort of.

Today, Disneyland announced that what is now being simply called the Adventureland Treehouse will reopen for guests sometime in 2023. The house will pay tribute to Walt Disney’s Swiss Family Robinson in an all new way. This isn't simply a case of reverting the treehouse to its old theme, everything on display will be entirely new. The lower floor of the house will include a kitchen and dining room, as well as the father's art studio. The upper floor will contain the son's nature room, the daughter's astronomy loft, and the mother's music den. We did get some concept art of what that will look like.

Adventureland Treehouse concept art - mother's music den

(Image credit: Disneyland Resort)

When Tarzan's Treehouse first went into refurbishment in September of 2021 it was largely assumed the attraction was just getting the regular polishing and fixing that all attractions need to undergo now and then. There's always something closed for refurbishment at Disney World or Disneyland. That was not the case. Earlier this year it was confirmed that the treehouse would get an all new theme, but what that theme was going to be was being kept secret. It wasn't among the announcements at the recent D23 Expo at all

One of the rumors going around after the treehouse closed was that the treehouse might become an Encanto attraction. The movie was incredibly popular at the time, here had already been talk started about possible Encanto attraction in Disney Parks, and the movie contained a giant tree where a treehouse could fit quite well.

Adventureland Treehouse concept art

(Image credit: Disneyland resort)

Another rumor was that the treehouse would be associated with the Society of Explorer's and Adventurers, a group of original characters that exist within several different attractions at Disney Parks around the world.

On the one hand, seeing the treehouse return to a Swiss Family Robinson theme is somewhat surprising. We rarely if ever see Disney attractions return to earlier concepts a part of updates. At the same time, this is perhaps not that surprising, as there is reportedly a new Swiss Family Robinson series planned for Disney+, so this decision was likely made in connection with that.

An exact opening date has not been revealed, but considering that work has been going on for over a year already, one hopes that we don't need to wait too long for it. 

Dirk Libbey
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