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The Mummy Still Isn’t Open At Universal Orlando, But Does This Relate To Another Recent Ride Update?

Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit
(Image credit: Universal Orlando Resort)

Where is Brendan Fraser’s cup of coffee? Will he ever get it? Will Fraser even have the chance to complain about not getting his cup of coffee ever again? These are the questions we all ask as continue to wonder when Revenge of the Mummy will reopen at Universal Studios Florida. We still don’t know when the ride will reopen, but there are indications that even Universal Orlando Resort might have been expecting it to open by now, as another roller coaster refurbishment appears to have been delayed.

Earlier this month it was reported that another roller coaster, Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit, was going to close down this week, one assumes for a standard refurbishment. However, the ride remains open and a recent tweet from Universal Orlando Resort’s official account says there are no plans for it to close down at this time. 

When Revenge of the Mummy closed down at the beginning of 2022 we were told it would be back in “late summer.” While that’s a bit vague, with only about a month left in summer, we’re officially there. While there have been indications that Revenge of the Mummy is close to opening, nothing has been confirmed as of yet. If it doesn't open in the next few weeks it will officially no longer be late summer.

It’s quite possible that the maintenance on Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit was originally planned for the end of August because it was believed that Revenge of the Mummy would be up and running by this time. Certainly, having two roller coasters down for refurbishment at the same time, even if only for a few days, is not an ideal situation at any theme park, so it could be that the work on Rockit was put off specifically because Mummy is still closed.

Initially it seemed that Rockit closing could signal that Mummy was opening, for exactly the same reason that having two coasters closed seemed unlikely. Unfortunately that didn’t turn out to be the case. Still, with the original plan to close Rockit being in place a few weeks ago, it could mean Mummy could open any day, assuming this theory holds any water. 

If it is the case that one coaster closure impacted the other,  then the good news is that at least as long as Revenge of the Mummy remains closed, Rip Ride Rockit will likely remain open. At least that way roller coaster fans have something to do at Universal Studios Florida. Of course, if roller coasters are your thing and you’re at Universal Orlando Resort, you’re probably spending most of your time at Islands of Adventure.

Revenge of the Mummy will certainly be reopening soon. And when it does, it appears that everything fans love about the attraction will be back, which is great since early rumors hinted Brendan Fraser’s part in the ride might get removed, which would have been a travesty.  

Dirk Libbey
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