What’s Going On With Brendan Fraser’s Universal Orlando Mummy Ride, As Fans Report Employees Starting To Stand Outside Once More

Brendan Fraser in The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor
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Will Brendan Fraser ever get his cup of coffee? And if so, when? These are the questions that we still don’t have answers to, and while there have been recent indications that Revenge of the Mummy at Universal Studios Florida might be opening soon, nothing is confirmed. The attraction has clearly taken a step forward but nobody has any info on when it will be open for guests once again. 

A recent post on Reddit which purports to come from a Universal Studios Florida Team Member who works in the same area as the Revenge of the Mummy attraction, though not on the roller coaster itself, says that the reason Team Members have been seen at or near the attraction in their attraction uniforms is not because the ride is about to open. Instead, Universal Orlando Resort is retraining all Team Members since the attraction has been closed for several months, and since people are on the clock, they’re in uniform.

But while seeing people dressed to work the Revenge of the Mummy attraction apparently does not mean the ride is preparing to open immediately, it is still a clear indication that it has taken a significant step forward. The attraction is in a state that everybody can be properly trained and is close enough to opening that it’s the right time to do the training. 

When it was announced that Revenge of the Mummy was going to undergo significant refurbishment this year there was some concern that the ride might see significant changes to its theming, including potentially removing Brendan Fraser from the ride entirely. We still don’t know for certain there have not been significant changes but what evidence we have implies Revenge of the Mummy will return largely as the ride it previously was

When Revenge of the Mummy closed down fans were simply told to expect it reopening by “summer” and while there’s still plenty of time for it to make that window, everybody is certainly waiting for this one to be back. While Universal Orlando Resort’s other theme park. Islands of Adventure has two incredible, and far newer roller coasters, Revenge of the Mummy is still one of the top attractions to be found at Universal Studios Florida. 

The original Reddit post reiterates a few times that Team Members aren’t told a great deal, so they apparently don’t know anymore than the rest of us about when Revenge of the Mummy will finally reopen. Considering how many people are obviously very interested, one can be sure Universal Orlando Resort will announce a reopening date as soon as it is able to do so. 

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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