Universal Orlando Had An On-Brand Response To Elon Musk’s Verified Twitter Account Comments

A lot has been going on with Twitter in the last few days now that Elon Musk has taken control of the social media company. While there have not been a massive number of changes already, those changes are on the horizon, as it’s been reported, and confirmed by Musk, that Twitter is planning, or at least considering, charging users for verification. As one might expect, that has resulted in a lot of opinions, not the least of which from the Universal Orlando Resort Twitter account.

Universal Orlando usually reserves their snark for news coming out of Walt Disney World, with the Twitter account always having something funny to say about whatever the house of mouse is up to. But this week the silliness was given to Twitter itself, with a barb geared toward Twitter’s plans for verification, and the thing that Universal Orlando Resort loves most, churros.

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Churros are a frequent topic of conversation on UOR Twitter. They are a fan favorite and always good for a laugh. Previously, Universal Orlando joked that the Velocicoaster, a roller coaster that began construction months before actually being announced, was actually just a churro cart. And to be honest, if there was some sort of $20 per month subscription service that let you get churros, there would probably be more than a few Annual Pass holders interested in such an offer.

It’s being reported that Elon Musk has directed his new company to put procedures in place, to go into effect remarkably soon, that would ask Twitter users to pay a monthly fee for verification. This would be a second source of revenue for the company in addition to ad sales. The issue is that it’s unclear how many currently verified accounts would be willing to pay the money, though there may be currently unverified accounts willing to take up that space.

More recently Elon Musk has indicated that the verification process might cost less than $20, perhaps closer to $8 per month. But at this point, it’s unclear if there’s any dollar amount that is going to make people happy. Now, if Twitter offered churros along with verification, there might be a possibility that some sort of arrangement could be made. Who doesn’t like churros?

The future of Twitter is a question right now, but whether or not Universal Orlando Resort keeps its blue check mark, it seems likely the account will continue to have some fun at the expense of whatever is going on that needs to be poked at, whether it is directly related to theme parks or not. 

There is almost certainly a price point that would work for verified churros. Verified Twitter, perhaps not. 

Dirk Libbey
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