Viral TikTok Highlights Wild Amount Of Money Disney Parkgoer Spent At Hollywood Studios, But Some Fans Are In Disbelief

The Millennuim Falcon at Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge
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A trip to Walt Disney World is going to cost you some money, we all know this. Prices have only gone up year after year and the Disney Parks saw a massive price increase a couple months back. One park goer recently highlighted just how expensive a day in the parks can be, and while the amount, nearly $,000 is quite mind boggling, not everybody thinks this is a fair look at what a trip costs.

A video recently went viral on TikTok which shows a family that visited Disney’s Hollywood Studios and spent $3,758 over the course of a single day. While that amount might convince you to never visit Walt Disney World, you may want to watch the video to just see how that money was spent over the course of that day.


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No matter how you look at it, that is absolutely a lot of money to spend in one day, especially considering that most people go to Walt Disney World for more than one day, and thus will be spending a lot more. However, many comments on the video are critical of the way this is presented.

While this family of five chose to spend that much money, there was no requirement that they actually do so. Their breakfast was expensive, over $200, but it was a character breakfast, where costumed characters visit your table and you can get photos with them, and those are going to be more expensive. Cheaper breakfast is available. Their total also includes their nightly hotel rate of nearly $1,000 a night, and there are many other much cheaper hotels even on property. 

There are also the ancillary optional charges that of course guests don’t need to pay. They spent the money on the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge lightsaber building experience, which arguably is worth more because there’s a whole show that goes with it, so part of what you’re paying for is the experience. They're also simply some of the most expensive souvenirs in the parks.

They also bought other souvenirs, like ear headbands, and unless they plan to spend the same amount on souvenirs every day of the trip, it’s perhaps unfair to put that cost all on one day. The same goes for Memory Maker, the service that allows you to own all your pictures taken by Disney photographers. They put the $170 cost all on this day, even though that price covers your entire vacation. Also, if they paid $170, they actually paid for Memory Maker prior to their trip, not on this day, it’s more expensive if you buy it while already on vacation.

If you can afford to spend $4,000 in a day at Walt Disney World, the resort will certainly give you plenty of options to do it, and you’ll probably get your money’s worth. It's clear that this sort of guest is exactly who Disney Parks are currently courting. Having said that, you can still enjoy a Disney vacation without spending that much.

Dirk Libbey
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