What Staying In Cinderella's Castle At Disney World Is Like, According To People Who've Done It

If you go to Walt Disney World enough times, you eventually do pretty much everything. At some point you’ve done all the rides at Disney World, seen all the shows, and eaten all the great food inside the Disney World parks. You may have your favorite Disney World resort hotel, but you found that hotel by staying at several different places on property. However, there’s probably one place you’ve never stayed, the Cinderella Castle Suite.

There is a place to sleep inside Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, but it’s not a place you can book on the Disney World website. It’s usually only available to the public as part of a contest prize, and as just such a contest is currently running (sadly, only to residents of the UK and Ireland) it’s worth knowing just what you get when you stay there, and honestly you get a lot.

A few of the people who have won a stay in the Castle Suite have written about their experiences. The Happy Housewife blog described some of the things you’ll find inside the suite, including items that were given to Cinderella, and that other guests may also see and use...

There is a display on the wall with some of Cinderella’s favorite things, her glass slipper, crown, scepter, and three pumpkins, which were a gift from the Fairy Godmother, so she would never forget her humble beginnings…. The castle suite is filled with gifts that Cinderella has received from her friends. There’s a telescope from Captain Hook and books on loan from Belle

Originally, Walt Disney’s personal apartment inside Magic Kingdom was to be inside Cinderella’s Castle. Unfortunately, Walt died five years before Magic Kingdom was completed, so the suite was never actually built. Years later, however, a suite was constructed, though most nights it is completely empty. The construction of the Disneyland “Dream Suite,” which became the 21 Royal restaurant, is a similar tale of plans being changed following the death of Walt. 

There are many luxurious accommodations at Disney World that would be great places to stay, but for serious fans of Walt Disney World, what may make the Cinderella’s Castle Suite truly special is the fact that it gives you a glimpse of what is happening in the park when its closed, as one person who stayed in the suite explained on Reddit

After hours we had to stay in the suite, but we had round-the-clock concierge downstairs that we could contact for any reason. But WOW is the Magic Kingdom busy at night! We could see trucks going by out the window on the bridge between Frontierland and Main Street carrying equipment all night. There were also floodlights set up over Fantasyland with construction going on. They had a photoshoot set up down there with princesses as well, I'm assuming for promos/advertisements. It was so cool to see!

Most of us will never stay in the Cinderella Castle Suite, so if you somehow have the chance, take it. It sounds like an absolutely amazing experience.  

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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