The Meyerowitz Stories Trailer: Adam Sandler And Ben Stiller Are Gonna Brawl In Netflix's New Movie

We've known for a while that Adam Sandler's new Netflix movie was getting some buzz... and of the positive variety.

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Wes Anderson's Isle Of Dogs Trailer Is Quirky And Beautiful

Wes Anderson's latest stop-motion extravaganza finally has a trailer. Take a look and see your first peek at Isle of Dogs.

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The New Murder On The Orient Express Trailer Gives Us Way More Action And More Poirot Mustache

Murder on the Orient Express looks like the mature, sophisticated counter-programming that's essential to keep adults coming back to the multiplexes, seeking visually stimulating and intelligent diversions. And that mustache on Poirot.

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Cook Off! Trailer: Watch Melissa McCarthy Try Her Hand At A Mockumentary

Mockumentaries have proven time and time again to be an effective and hilarious way to bring a lot of seriously funny people together, and that looks to be exactly for Cook-Off!

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The New Jumanji Trailer Reveals A Pretty Major Plot Twist

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle has promised a fresh take on the concept from the beginning, but the new trailer shows us just how far this new version of the game is going to go.

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The First Tomb Raider Trailer Is Exciting And Mysterious

The first trailer for the Tomb Raider reboot has finally dropped. Check it out!

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Red Sparrow Trailer: Check Out Jennifer Lawrence As A Ballerina-Turned-Spy

Jennifer Lawrence has one big movie hitting screens this weekend but they're not waiting to start showing off what she has coming up next. The first trailer for Red Sparrow is here.

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The Disaster Artist Full Trailer With James Franco Is Exactly As Wild As You'd Expect

If you thought The Room was weird, wait until you hear the story about how it was made. Read on to see the full trailer for James Franco's The Disaster Artist.

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The Downsizing Trailer Is Mysterious, Will Make You Wanna See The Movie

Man, am I glad I managed to see Alexander Payne's Downsizing before this first trailer. Because this is a difficult movie to sell.

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The First Fifty Shades Freed Trailer Features A Wedding And Christian Grey's Abs

But it's never too early to start advertising for a big movie, and Universal is doing just that with the very first trailer for Fifty Shades Freed.

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The Current Wars Trailer: Watch Benedict Cumberbatch And Michael Shannon Face Off As Edison And Westinghouse

Check out the new trailer for The Current War, the historical drama that stars Benedict Cumberbatch as Thomas Edison, Michael Shannon as George Westinghouse and Nicholas Hoult as Nikola Tesla!

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New Daddy's Home 2 Trailer Has John Cena Popping Back In

Daddy's Home was a somewhat surprising comedy hit, but its success has meant that a sequel is on the way. A new trailer is now here and it contains the one thing the first trailer was sorely lacking.

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Netflix's Long Shot Trailer: How Curb Your Enthusiasm Helped In A Murder Case

Netflix has just released the trailer for Long Shot, a new true crime documentary that explains how an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm helped exonerate an innocent man facing the death penalty.

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Mark Felt Trailer: Watch Liam Neeson Take Down Richard Nixon

Back in 1976, the world got what is arguably the definitive film about the Watergate Scandal, with All The President's Men showing how the reporting of Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein took down the Richard Nixon presidency. Now that particular historic event is coming back to the big screen.

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Killing Gunther Trailer: Watch Taran Killam Try To Assassinate Arnold Schwarzenegger

Killing Gunther will work its way to theaters on October 20, but apparently is going to stream on-demand much sooner than that. Like, September 22, via Ultra VOD. This seems like the kind of comedy you'd want to watch with a rowdy crowd, but at least you'll have options.

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The First Super Troopers 2 Trailer Shaves The Balls And Brings The Laughs

The first trailer for Super Troopers 2 has finally dropped, and it features all of the shenanigans and ball shaving that you could possibly want.

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Last Flag Flying Trailer: Richard Linklater's New Movie is Tragic and Inspiring

The trailer for Richard Linklater's latest movie, Last Flag Flying, is here! Take a first look at the road trip drama starring Bryan Cranston, Steve Carell and Laurence Fishburne.

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The Japanese Thor: Ragnarok Trailer Features A Cryptic Doctor Strange, Check It Out

We have our first taste of how Doctor Strange will be fit into the Thor: Ragnarok narrative thanks to a new Japanese trailer for the movie.

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The Meyerowitz Stories: First Look At Adam Sandler's Movie That's Already Getting Oscar Buzz

Adam Sandler's next Netflix movie, The Meyerowitz Stories, is already getting Oscar buzz, and now you can watch the first look at the feature ahead.

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The Florida Project Trailer Is Beautiful And Uplifting

The Florida Project is heading to the Toronto International Film Festival in September, before making its way to movie theaters on October 6.

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