Netflix's Wild Spiderhead Trailer Has Chris Hemsworth Dancing And Experimenting On Miles Teller

Chris Hemsworth and Miles Teller will both be on the big screen with traditional blockbusters this summer, but in addition to Hemsworth's Thor: Love and Thunder and Teller's Top Gun: Maverick, the pair will also appear together on the small screen. Netflix's Spiderhead doesn't exactly look like a traditional blockbuster movie, but it look like an incredible trip.

Chris Hemsworth is looking about as far from heroic as we've seen him as a man who is using several live people in experiments of some sort of drug. One of his subjects is played by Miles Teller, and while the people being experimented on are technically volunteering, it's clear that what they are being subjected to is pretty extreme. Check it out in the trailer above. 

The basic premise of Spiderhead is that numerous people, including the character played by Miles Teller, are in prison, but have chosen to volunteer for a series of scientific experiments as a way to pay their debt and get some degree of freedom for it.  They are given mind-altering drugs which apparently result in extreme emotional reactions. We see people having sex and people reacting with violence. Chris Hemsworth's character who is running these experiments doesn't seem phased by any of it. 

Exactly what the real purpose of all this is, we don't know, and that appears to be the main question at the heart of the plot of Spiderhead. The film is based on a short story by George Saunders called Escape from Spiderhead that was originally published in The New Yorker. Based on that title, we can assume that Miles Teller's character is going to eventually discover he need to get the hell out of this experiment.

Spiderhead brings Miles Teller and Top Gun: Maverick director Joseph Kosinski together again, but this one is a long way from the impeding Tom Cruise sequel. While there is certainly action here, the tone is much darker. 

Chris Harmsworth looks like he's having a lot of fun in this twisted role. It's not the sort of role we usually see him in. Even outside of the Thor movies we're more likely to see Hemsworth play the hero, as in his other growing action franchise, Extraction also to be found on Netflix. He certainly is being set up here as the "bad guy" and that's actually really fun to see. 

Spiderhead will hit Netflix on June 17, which means it will arrive after we see Miles Teller and Joseph Kosinski's other movie together, Top Gun: Maverick, but before we see Chris Hemsworth return to his franchise role of Thor in Marvel's Love and Thunder. We might need the new Thor movie as a palate cleanser. Based on this trailer we might not be liking Chris Hemsworth as much as we used to when Spiderhead is over. 

Dirk Libbey
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