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A sequel to the hit 1992 erotic thriller which starred Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone. Sharon Stone reprises her role as a much older Catherine Tramell once again in trouble with the law.

Sharon Stone returns to the role that made her breasts famous, only she does so about ten years past her nudity expiration date. If there's one positive in all this, it's that Michael Douglas isn't in it, saving us from revisiting his older, and by now much saggier posterior. Basic Instinct is a great, taut, erotic thriller. Frankly it's the erotic thriller, it sets the standard for the genre. But it didn't need a sequel fourteen years ago and it certainly doesn't need one now.

You've got to wonder, what would prompt Sharon Stone to do something like this? Is it a late-life crisis? Is she desperate to prove to herself that she's still sexy? It's aptly titled Risk Addiction, since watching Sharon cross and uncross her legs at this age is kind of is unpredictable. It'll either work in a weird sort of Mrs. Robinson with an ice pick fashion, or it'll turn into one of the year's most wheels off big screen productions.

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