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Gene Wilder has been dug up and is doing an opening monologue in the trailer for The Exorcist (why have I never noticed this resemblance when watching the Exorcist?). Even the devil isn’t as scary as the disembodied voice of Gene Wilder. What if he comes back in his Willy Wonka outfit and starts singing that creepy ass Wonka song? Holy hell! That’ll make one terrifying devil movie.

Sadly, it’s unlikely they’ll be able to fully resurrect Wilder. No doubt we’ll have to settle for another Exorcist filled with that guy they call Satan. He’s that devilish fellow from the other Exorcist movies who has a fetish for power vomiting. Well he’s back, and this time they’re telling the story from the beginning.

The trailer is slick and slightly scary. The production values look EXCELLENT… which usually isn’t a good sign for horror movies. The more expensive the blood, the less scary the flick.

Still, this is a movie about the devil and he’s a pretty scary guy. I’m holding out for the new Versus movie which’ll pit him against Jim Caviezel, but till then perhaps Exorcist: The Beginning will suffice.

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