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Antonio Banderas takes a lot of flak for his wacky accent and his tendency to be “the sexy”, but the guy’s a pretty solid actor. He hit his popularity zenith back in 1998 when he starred in The Mask of Zorro. That film turned out to be a huge box office success, capably resurrecting the Zorro mythos and really popularizing the career of Catherine Zeta Jones. She’s been downhill ever since.

Though it’s about five years too late, Sony is making a sequel to the film entitled The Legend of Zorro. Banderas a Zeta are back and doing the cool things that Zorro does… like carving Z’s in someone’s ass. Though I’ve long since soured on the terminally bitchy Catherine Zeta, I’m still looking forward to a return to swashbuckling. Pirates have made a return, but it’d be nice to see sword fighting done by someone besides Orlando Bloom. If nothing else, The Legend of Zorro promises that, and for me that’ll be enough.

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