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The Mother! Trailer Might Be The Creepiest We've Seen This Year, Stars Jennifer Lawrence
Netflix New Releases: Movies And TV Shows Coming To Netflix Streaming In August

There is perhaps no piece of information more interesting to Netflix junkies than the monthly update of what's being added to the streaming service.

IT 2 Is Happening And Probably Sooner Than We Thought

There has been a lot of nervous energy surrounding the upcoming adaptation of IT. Will it live up to the book? Will it even live up to the miniseries?

Soundgarden Lead Singer Chris Cornell Dead At 52

The beloved lead singer passed away in Detroit, following a performance by the reunited Soundgarden.

The Chicago Cubs Movie Is Happening Because Go Cubs Go

They're singing "Go Cubs Go. Go Cubs Go. Hey, Chicago, Whadya Say? The Cubs Are Gonna Win Today."

What Happened Between Thor And Jane Foster Leading Into Ragnarok

I need to be along with my thoughts right now.

Watch A New York Mets Player Catch A Rogue Bat With His Bare Hand

Well, you don't see this happen everyday. In a baseball game between the New York Mets and the Miami Marlins, a bat went rogue, flying through the air toward the dugout and the stands.

People's Court Judge Joseph Wapner Dies At 97

He just came along at the right time, had the right personality and he was given the right opportunity

The One Person Who Could Take Down Scientology, According To Leah Remini

Perhaps more than any other religion, Scientology has a tinge of fame about it. Because of the movie stars it attracts and because of the giant blue church on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, L. Ron Hubbard's belief system has always felt oddly famous in its own right.

The Good Fight Review: A Familiar And Wonderful Continuation Of The Good Wife

The writing is crisp and very organized. The acting is understated and careful. The characters are both new and familiar.

Watch Adele Stop Her Grammy Song And Start Over
Lady Gaga's Super Bowl Halftime Performance May Go Down As An All-Time Classic

Tonight, Lady Gaga gave us a spectacle, but in the middle, she was able to pause and really sing a few of her classic songs.

We're Giving Away A Beautiful Joker Print Signed By Mark Hamill

We're giving away a sweet prize package. Check it out...

NCIS: Los Angeles And Twin Peaks Actor Miguel Ferrer Dead At 61

Miguel Ferrer, one of TV's all-time greatest 'ohhh that guy' supporting actors, passed away following a long battle with cancer. He was only sixty-one-years-old but still somehow found time to appear in a murderer's row of classic projects including Twin Peaks and the original RoboCop.

What Really Happened To Mariah Carey On New Year's Eve, According To Her Rep

Her rep released a statement today that was pretty aggressive.

Meet The Mall Of America's First Santa Of Color

Despite the alleged War On Christmas we've all been hearing about for decades, Santa Claus is just as popular as ever. His appearance, however, is starting to look a little different.

Courtney Stodden Made A Really Dirty Christmas Music Video And It Is All Kinds Of NSFW

She's back with a Christmas song, and it might be the dirtiest holiday jingle ever recorded.

How The NFL Is Costing The Networks A Lot Of Money

Ratings for even the mighty NFL have taken a tumble this season, and whether there are mitigating factors or not, the poor performance is starting to cost the major networks a fortune.

What Westworld's Maze Actually Is

Central among both the confusion and the fan theories has been the maze. For the entire first season, the hosts, the staff, the guests and the creators have all cryptically referred to the maze.

Florence Henderson, Best Known As Carol Brady, Dies At 82

Florence Henderson, best known for her role as Brady Bunch matriarch Carol, delighted audiences for years with her reassuring smile and wonderful timing. Sadly, she passed away yesterday from heart failure at the age of 82, surrounded by friends and family.

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