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Sounds Like Penny And Leonard's Problems Are Getting Worse On Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory will soon add some more bumps in the road for Penny and Leonard's relationship.

How American Horror Story Season 7 Will Actually Use Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton

American Horror Story Season 7 is heading to the voting booths, and here's what we can expect to see from Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Netflix Is Borrowing A Ton Of Money Yet Again

Netflix will be spending a lot of money on programming in the next year and beyond, and it's trying to get a ton of money to do it.

How Ra's Al Ghul Will Change Gotham And Its Characters

Gotham will soon bring one of Batman's greatest foes to the small screen with Ra's al Ghul, and now we know how he'll be changing things up.

How Much The Veep Cast Actually Talks About Politics On Set, According To One Star

Few shows have been more politically-minded than Veep, but how much does the actual cast delve into politi-talk? Here's what star Matt Walsh told CinemaBlend.

Will The Blacklist Reveal Liz's Father Soon? Here's What The Executive Producer Says

The Blacklist brought Season 4 back to NBC on Thursday night with some huge reveals and surprises hinting at the show's biggest mystery getting solved soon.

Kaley Cuoco Celebrated The Big Bang Theory Finale In The Best Way

The Big Bang Theory's Kaley Cuoco is pumped about the upcoming Season 10 finale, and she celebrated the filming in a special way.

Why Alec Baldwin Originally Said No To Playing SNL's Donald Trump

As good as Alec Baldwin's SNL stint has been as Donald Trump, it came quite close to never happening at all.

American Gods Review: TV Doesn't Get More Gorgeous And Magical Than Starz's New Drama

With Bryan Fuller and Michael Green's adaptation of Neil Gaiman's American Gods, Starz is continuing to evolve the ways that TV can entertain audiences.

That Killer Mermaid TV Show Has The Most WTF Trailer Imaginable

Any show about killer mermaids has got to be weird, right? Well, this trailer for the upcoming drama Siren certainly makes a point for that.

Sons Of Anarchy's Kurt Sutter Shares First Look At The Spinoff's New Clubhouse

We've been waiting a while to see something from the Sons of Anarchy spinoff, and Kurt Sutter finally offered up an awesome first look at a key location.

Watch Stephen Colbert's Epic Farewell To Bill O'Reilly

With Bill O'Reilly now fired from Fox News, his biggest fan Stephen Colbert brought back an old friend to say goodbye to the former host.

The 13 Most Popular Netflix TV Shows, According To Twitter

One company has produced a study tallying the most popular Netflix shows according to Twitter, and there are definitely some surprises here.

Bill O'Reilly Could Be Replaced On Fox News Sooner Than We Thought

Well it looks like everything has exploded over at Fox News, with Bill O'Reilly confirmed to be out the door, and his replacement is probably coming sooner than we thought.

That Time Carrie Fisher Ad-Libbed A Song About Nipples For Amazon's Catastrophe

Carrie Fisher's final TV role was for the brilliant comedy Catastrophe, and star Rob Delaney shared a story about some wild ad-libbing the actress offered up that made it into the show.

How The Big Bang Theory Finale Will Cause Problems For Sheldon And Amy

When The Big Bang Theory wraps up Season 10, the sitcom will throw a wrench into the works for Sheldon and Amy in the form of a special returning character.

Was Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Big Death For Real? Here's What The Showrunner Says

Last night's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. took its Framework story into an explosive place, and one character was lost in the madness. But was it all for real?

What's Cancelled And Renewed On Cable TV And Streaming? Here's The Rundown

Want to know how all your favorite cable TV shows are doing? Check out our rundown of everything that has been cancelled and renewed already.

How Donald Trump Could Stop SNL From Making Fun Of Him, According To Alec Baldwin

Donald Trump has been open about his distaste for Alec Baldwin's impression on SNL, and Baldwin says there's a way that SNL could stop making fun of him.

This Jeopardy Contestant's Epic Wrong Answer Should Already Be A Catchphrase

Jeopardy! needs to make a mascot out of this contestant, who delivered one of the most epic wrong answers in the show's history.

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