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How The Rocko's Modern Life Revival Happened

The Rocko's Modern Life cast and creator gathered at Comic-Con to talk about the upcoming special, and here's how it all got started again.

Marvel's Inhumans Debuted Trailer And Tons Of Footage At Comic-Con, And Here's What We Thought

Marvel's Inhumans debuted a bunch of new footage tonight at Comic-Con, including a new trailer, and here's what we thought.

American Horror Story Season 7 Finally Revealed Its Theme, And Whoa

American Horror Story revealed its Season 7 theme in the most interesting way. Check out what we'll be seeing this fall.

A TV Show About Mariah Carey's Life Is Happening, And There's Gonna Be Drama

Mariah Carey has been making herself at home on TV recently, and how a TV show will be based on her own life.

What Roseanne Star Sarah Chalke Wants From The Upcoming Revival

When Roseanne returns to TV, Sarah Chalke will also return, but not as Becky. Here's what the actress told CinemaBlend she was really looking forward to for the revival.

Why TruTV's I'm Sorry Features A Different Kind Of TV Mom, According To Its Creator

On truTV's hilarious new comedy I'm Sorry, creator Andrea Savage plays a wife and mom we're not used to seeing on TV these days, and she told CinemaBlend why that is.

Why Netflix's Ozark Is The New Drama You Won't Be Able To Stop Watching

Jason Bateman and Laura Linney's new Netflix series Ozark debuts this week, and here's why you won't be able to stop watching once you start.

How Adam Ruins Everything Picks The Topics For Each Episode, According To Adam Conover

Adam Ruins Everything is dropping facts on a bunch of new topics for Season 2, and the host told CinemaBlend how the writing team figures out what to cover.

Watch David Spade Uncomfortably Performing As George Michael On Lip Sync Battle

David Spade is set to perform "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" on Lip Sync Battle, but something about it seems a little uncomfortable.

How Game Of Thrones' Maisie Williams Felt About Arya's Crazy Season Premiere Scene

When Game of Thrones kicked off Season 7 last night, things got crazy immediately. Here's what star Maisie Williams had to say about her big moment.

The Office's Rainn Wilson Just Went Off On A Hilarious Rant About Not Being Dwight

The Office's Rainn Wilson can't quite get away from former character Dwight Schrute, and here's his hilarious rant to those that can't tell the difference.

What Shocked Adam Conover About Adam Ruins Everything's Childbirth Episode

In its Season 2 premiere, Adam Ruins Everything took on the challenging topic of childbirth, and the host and creator told CinemaBlend there were a couple of things that shocked him.

How Much Money Netflix's Content Is Actually Worth

Netflix is known for spending billions and billions on its content library, but now it's been revealed just how much that library is actually worth.

The Punisher Got Its Bloody First Poster From Netflix, Now Bring On The Trailer

We've been waiting for so long for Netflix to offer up any visuals on The Punisher series, and now we've finally gotten it.

A Walking Dead Stuntman Has Died After Tragic Fall On The Set

A terrible accident on the set of The Walking Dead has resulted in the death of a stuntman.

How Leah Remini Reacted To Scientology And The Aftermath Getting An Emmy Nomination

Leah Remini got her first Emmy nomination today for her A&E Scientology series, and here's how she reacted.

How Roseanne's Revival Will Handle The Death Of Co-Star Glenn Quinn

The Roseanne revival will have a lot of questions to answer, with a big one being, "What happened to Mark?"

A Walking Dead Stuntman Was Hospitalized After Huge Fall On The Set

One stuntman on The Walking Dead reportedly took a brutal fall this week, landing him in the hospital.

2017 Emmy Awards Nominations Announced, Read The Full List

Check out all the 2017 Emmy Award nominations!

A Jersey Shore Reunion Is Coming To MTV, So Pump Those Fists

Fist pump! Fist pump! Fist pump! The Jersey Shore gang is coming back for a reunion, so who's hitting the hot tub first?

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