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How Billy Bush's Former Co-Hosts Reacted After Donald Trump's Controversial Tape Came Out

After saying virtually silent in the aftermath of Donald Trump's Access Hollywood recording, Billy Bush has finally come clean about everything, including which former co-hosts reached out.

Could Bloodline Season 4 Happen On Another Network? Here's What The Co-Creator Said

Bloodline will soon come to a close on Netflix with Season 3, but is there a chance that the intense drama could continue somewhere else? Here's what the co-creator told us.

The Duggar Sisters Are Suing Over The Report That Ended 19 Kids And Counting

The Duggar family is back in the headlines thanks to Josh Duggar's past, in the form of a lawsuit putting a ton of people on blast.

A Third Saturday Night Live Star Has Quit The Show

Next season of Saturday Night Live is going to look completely different, as a third cast member has exited the show.

How An American Werewolf In London Inspired One American Gods Story, According To Bryan Fuller

American Gods co-creator Bryan Fuller shared with CinemaBlend how the genre classic An American Werewolf in London inspired part of the show.

Why American Gods Made Such Huge Changes With Laura, According To Co-Creator Michael Green

Tonight's episode of American Gods made big changes to the novel's Laura. Here's what co-creator Michael Green told CinemaBlend about why it happened.

Why The Flash Finale Won't Play Out How We Expect, According To The EP

The Flash is gearing up for its Season 3 finale, and executive producer Andrew Kreisberg says it's going to go against fan expectations. Here's how.

How Making A Murderer Helped Netflix's The Keepers Happen, According To The Creator

The Keepers isn't Netflix's first true crime series, but it may be its best. And here's how that initial foray into the genre, Making a Murderer, played a part in this new project's existence.

Why Bloodline's Series Finale Is So Satisfying, According To One Star

When Bloodline returns to Netflix, it will be for its third and final season, and one of the stars told us why that big finale is going to be so satisfying for fans.

How Liz's Big Reveal Will Change The Blacklist For Season 5, According To Megan Boone

The Blacklist Season 4 finale finally answered the question that fans have wondered for years. And here's how it'll change things up next season.

Why Netflix's The Keepers Is So Much Better Than Most True Crime Shows

Netflix's latest docu-series, The Keepers, is a haunting and powerful story that stacks up better than almost any true crime project before it.

DC's Black Lightning First Look Packs A Huge Electrified Punch, Watch It Now

The CW's newest superhero has his own trailer now, and Black Lightning is not one you'll want to miss.

Netflix Is Bringing The Dark Crystal Back In A Big Way, And We're Already Shuddering

Are you ready to be creeped out by even more of The Dark Crystal's universe than you ever knew existed? Check out what Netflix is doing with the Jim Henson classic.

The CW 2017-2018 Fall TV Schedule Announced, Includes Big Changes For Arrow And More

The CW's fall schedule has been released, and there are some big shakeups all across the week, as well as some new entries.

Saturday Night Live Just Lost Its First Star Before Season 43

Saturday Night Live almost always goes through some casting shake-ups between seasons, and one member's exit has come out before Season 42 has ended.

Fox News Founder Roger Ailes Is Dead At 77

Former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes has died at 77 years old.

The Big Bang Theory's Spinoff Has A Trailer, And This Kid's Sheldon Impersonation Is Uncanny

Watch the trailer for The Big Bang Theory's spinoff Young Sheldon and try not to be amazed at how closely this Sheldon matches the original.

Will Bruce Wayne Actually Kill Somebody On Gotham?

Bruce Wayne is currently heading down a dark path on Gotham, but how dark will it get? Actor David Mazouz shared some interesting thoughts with CinemaBlend recently.

Training Day And More Cancelled By CBS

CBS finally finished rounding out its schedule, with Training Day and more taking their final falls.

Why ABC Cancelled Last Man Standing, According To The Network President

Last Man Standing fans have railed against ABC for cancelling the Tim Allen sitcom, and the network has provided an explanation for why it had to go.

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