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One Handmaid's Tale Star Will Show Up A Lot More In Season 2

The Handmaid's Tale introduced viewers to many interesting and complex characters, and one of the best will show up a lot more when Season 2 rolls around.

Why John Oliver's HBO Show Just Got Hit With A Lawsuit

Though he's a comedian, John Oliver certainly isn't funny to everyone, and his HBO series Last Week Tonight just got slapped with a lawsuit.

How Awkward Mila Kunis And Ashton Kutcher's First Kiss Was On That 70s Show

Current couple Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis shared their first kiss on That 70s Show. But it was far more awkward than romantic.

The Awesome Advice Stephen King Gave To The Mist TV Show's Creator

The Mist will soon make its TV debut, and the creator told CinemaBlend the awesome advice that he received from the iconic author Stephen King.

Why HBO's Watchmen TV Show Is Definitely A Great Idea

HBO is now back at work on bringing Watchmen to the small screen, and here's why that couldn't be more fantastic news.

One Cancelled TV Series Will Return This Summer To Air Its Remaining Episodes

One recently cancelled TV show is getting a second shot at winning audiences over.

Why The Leftovers' Carrie Coon Will Never Reveal If Nora Was Telling The Truth

The Leftovers wrapped up its three-season run with a brilliant and mysterious finale, and here's why fans shouldn't expect star Carrie Coon to clear things up.

Criminal Minds Just Added A Star From The Recently Cancelled Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders

Criminal Minds can't stop and won't stop making big casting announcements between seasons.

How Will Better Call Saul's Finale Deal With Howard And Chuck? Here's What Patrick Fabian Told Us

Better Call Saul's big Season 3 finale is airing soon, and star Patrick Fabian gave us a few clues about what to expect for Howard and Chuck.

The Big Bang Theory's Mayim Bialik Shares Pic As Wonder Woman, And Now It Needs To Happen

We've seen The Big Bang Theory's Kaley Cuoco as Wonder Woman. Now here's Mayim Bialik sharing her take on the DC hero.

The Simpsons Got A Hilarious Rap Song From Lil Yachty

I wasn't ready for this Simpsons-themed rap song to be so good, but it is. Check it out!

Why Aunt Lydia Really Does All Those Horrible Things On The Handmaid's Tale, According To Ann Dowd

Ann Dowd's Aunt Lydia is one of the best things about Hulu's The Handmaid's Tale, and the actress told CinemaBlend why Lydia is the way she is.

The Double Dare Physical Challenges That Made Marc Summers Want To Puke

Double Dare's Marc Summers saw a bunch of gross crap as a host, but here's the physical challenge he couldn't stomach.

CBS' The Talk Is Losing One Of Its Stars

The Talk's central host squad has been the same for years, but someone is leaving at the end of this season.

Check Out What The Former Most Intreresting Man In The World Is Drinking Now In Clever New Ad

The former Most Interesting Man In The World has a new commercial, and a new drink of choice. Check it out!

How Kurt Sutter's Angry Emails Probably Saved Sons Of Anarchy From Being Terrible

If it wasn't for Kurt Sutter's knack for ranting and raving, Sons of Anarchy would have been a completely different TV show.

Who Henry Ian Cusick Will Play On Marvel's Inhumans

While not much is known about Marvel's Inhumans TV show, star Henry Ian Cusick gave us some details on his mystery character.

Last Man Standing May Get Renewed At A Different Network

Tim Allen's former ABC sitcom Last Man Standing may have found a new home after cancellation.

Criminal Minds Just Confirmed Two Stars Returning For Season 13

Between Criminal Minds' cliffhanger and its casting shake-ups, it's hard to know who's definitely coming back for Season 13. These two stars are, though.

Check Out This Adorable Teen's Incredible Voice On America's Got Talent

The most recent episode of America's Got Talent introduced on very shy, very humble, and very amazing young singer. Check it out!

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