007 Legends Arrives In North America

By Pete Haas 4 years ago discussion comments
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The first James Bond film, Dr. No, hit theaters 50 years ago. Activision is paying tribute to a half-century of British super-spy action by releasing a shooter called 007 Legends today.

Unlike previous Bond games, 007 Legends isn't based off one film. Instead, it's based on five. Players will undertake missions inspired by Goldfinger, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, Moonraker, Licence to Kill and Die Another Day. These missions will be connected by a new, overarching story.

The game is full of other diversions as well. The Challenges mode, like the MI6 Ops from Golden 007 Reloaded, provides a series of standalone missions that test players stealth and combat skills. Multiplayer is available both off-line and online. A new progression system will allow you to become more dangerous in multiplayer over time and earn new gadgets.

Of course, no Bond game would be complete without some manner of cross-promotion with the latest film. A downloadable mission inspired by Skyfall will be released sometime after the game's launch.

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