Drakengard 3 Swoops Down May 20th, Collector's Edition And Pre-Orders Detailed

By Ryan Winslett 2 years ago discussion comments
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Do you like dragons and pretty ladies? Then youíll probably want to check out Drakengard 3. Itís got all of those dragons and pretty ladies we were just talking about. The Square Enix and Access Games collaboration boasts an epic RPG storyline to plow through when it releases on May 20 in Standard and Collectorís Editions.

Itís been a while since the Drakengard series has made an appearance and, come May 20, the third iteration will be blasting its way onto PlayStation 3s the world over in a variety of flavors for everyone to choose from. Drakengard is an RPG, after all, which means it legally cannot be releases without some sort of a special edition with physical and digital goodies to woo over the diehard fans.

If you just want the game proper, with no other bells or whistles, then the Standard Edition will be ready to dive into your hot little hands in late May. The Collectorís Edition, however, boasts a whole bunch of extra frills to help fill all of that extra shelf and coffee table space youíve got lying around. Thereís also some pre-order bonuses for those who already plan on picking up the game, no matter which version you decide on.

First up, the pre-order goodies. Anyone who decides to pre-order Drakengard 3 by March 3 will gain access to a special Japanese voiceover DLC pack. Pre-ordering in this early window will also earn you access to two other bonuses that have yet to be announced. If you wait until April 8 to pre-order, youíll miss out on the voiceover pack, but youíll still get the two unannounced goodies. Finally, if you wait until April 9 to pre-order, youíll only net yourself one of the upcoming, unannounced bonuses.

Thatís a bit vague, sure, but at least Square Enixís Collectorís Edition of the game is pretty black and white. This version is limited to just 5,000 copies and includes all three tiers of the pre-order goodies, a complete novella from the game, an official soundtrack sampler, an additional level to play, some extra costume gear, as well as a Drakengard 3 collectable poster.

The standard edition will set you back a discounted $49.99 while the Collectorís Edition will go for $79.99. You can only get the Collectorís Edition on Square Enixís online store, so head there if youíre hoping to claim one of those fancy bundles.
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