If you're looking for twitch-strategy combat on the go, then you might want to look into Frozen Synapse for the iPad. What's that you say? Frozen Synapse isn't available on the iPad. Well it is now, chump!

So, you remember that one time when I called you chump? Yeah, that was out of order and I apologize. I guess I was just so jazzed that Mode 7 had announced that their simultaneous-turn-based tactical title (yeah, you read that right) is now available through the App Store.

According to a statement from the developers, Frozen Synapse has received a full iPad conversion, meaning you'll be getting a full version of the game rather than some slimmed-down offering. The entire single player campaign is available for the iOS version, as well as the multiplayer options. There's even a hot seat mode, allowing you to pass the iPad back and forth with a friend.

For those of you playing on multiple platforms, there's even full cross-play support, meaning you can save your game on your PC and then pick it right back up on your tablet.

“I could not be more excited that Frozen Synapse has finally hit the App Store,” said Joint Managing Director Paul Taylor. “We have dreamed of the day when all of humanity could scream 'Do your turn!' at strangers on the internet from anywhere that has wifi. Today is that day.”

Keep dreaming big, Mode 7.

If you want to tackle this insane blast-a-thon on the iPad, just head on over to the App Store and get to downloading. You'll first have to part with $6.99, but that's a minor detail, no?




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