Killzone: Shadow Fall Gives Glimpse Of First Pair Of Free Maps

By Ryan Winslett 2 years ago discussion comments
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If youíre getting tired of blasting your way through the same old stomping grounds in Killzone: Shadow Fallís online multiplayer, then developer Guerrilla Games has some good news for you: The first two new maps are inbound.

Before Shadow Fall even launched, Guerrilla made it known last year that all DLC maps would be coming to players free of charge. Not a bad idea, especially for a shooter thatís launching with a new console and perhaps doesnít have a massive player base just yet. But the added bonus is the fact that free maps wonít divide those who are still playing online.

Whenever this type of DLC comes out, the pond of people youíre playing with typically shrinks. Not everyone who wants to play online is willing to part with another $15 for a couple of maps, after all. Then the next DLC pack comes out, diluting the player pool even further. By making all of these maps free for everyone, Guerrilla is basically guaranteeing that the online community will stay as strong as possible and, letís face it, Shadow Fall isnít exactly rolling with Call of Duty numbers. The Killzone community needs to stay connected, and free DLC maps is a great way to guarantee that happens.

For-pay cosmetic items and a co-op mode are on the horizon but, for now, itís time to dig into a pair of brand new maps that wonít cost players a single penny more.

Okay, so, the maps arenít out yet, but we do have a bunch of new details about them thanks to a recent blog post from Guerrilla Games Producer Poria Torkan. Unsurprisingly, these maps are inspired by areas pulled directly from the single player campaign, giving players some brand new locations to pick from when deciding where to host their favorite Warzones.

ďFirst up is The Cruiser, a close-to-mid-range combat map set in the confines of a decommissioned ISA cruiser,Ē Torkan said.

A sniperís nightmare and SMG-fiendís dreamland, this level will be full of tight corridors, tighter rooms and a large number of choke points. Knowing how to control the map is key here, as working as a team will make it easier to plow through the competition as they run blindly into your carefully moving unit.

The second map in this first bit of DLC is The Hangar, which is basically the opposite of The Cruiser in that itís wide open and allows for players to stretch their legs or settle in for a nice afternoon of sniping.

Torkan promises that more details on the first DLC pack are inbound but, for now, this brief taste of the two new maps should tide you over.
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