Killzone: Shadow Fall Walkthrough Guide

Killzone: Shadow Fall and 22 other games have recently launched for the PlayStation 4, which itself just recently launched this past Friday. The game and the system have taken the gaming community by storm, offering up the next-generation of gameplay and visuals on a PlayStation home console.

The walkthrough basically gives players a start-to-finish look at the game's single-player content, taking players from the humble beginnings of the protagonist as a kid trying to survive an exodus at the hands of the Helghast, to a competent soldier part of an elite army of one who carries out the dirty missions for the ISA.

The game starts with players in the role of little Lucas, a barely-scared kid who witnesses very speakable horrors at the hands of the Helghast, including an obvious red-shirted relative whose plot-point you can see coming from so far away that a blind, deaf, mute geriatric saw the outcome coming as soon as they ran their fingers over the braille subtitles.

Nevertheless, the game keeps moving on, replacing one red shirt for another and setting players up for another inevitable moment of tear-jerking courtesy of the surrogate doing what a surrogate does best in an action game. Anyway, the first 15 minutes of the game is mostly cinematics, with the occasional moving around and being led by the nose from one linear set piece to the next as the story is setup.

I can't say that the story is compelling within the first half hour. It certainly felt like parts that needed to be fleshed out were kind of rushed, and parts that dragged on a bit too long could have been cut down. Not to get into review mode or anything, but story-wise, when you're coming off games like The Last of Us where the first 15 minutes just completely knocked you off your feet. Battlefield 4 also set a pretty high standard, with the first mission – though over the top and completely ridiculous – still managed to bring some definitive emotion and tension to the introduction level. Dare I say, even Call of Duty: Ghosts opening segment was slightly better paced and well executed than Shadow Fall's.

However, what really matters is how the game plays throughout; from start to finish. The first moments of Killzone: Shadow Fall may not have been as cinematically gripping as other recent action titles, but the visuals are undeniably good and the scope of the game's atmosphere and cityscape look absolutely breathtaking... in fact, the urban Vecta carries a wide sweeping sense of wonder that is both captivating and beautiful.

If you can get over the fly-by of Vecta and entrench yourself in the game, you may or may not like what Killzone: Shadow Fall has to offer. Regardless, the video walkthrough above will help guide you through any of the tough spots you encounter and each video is representative of the game's levels, so it's easy to jump to the appropriate level based on the video number. Easy as spitting in a politician's face.

Killzone: Shadow Fall is available right now, exclusively for the PlayStation 4. Need more info? Feel free to visit the official website.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.