With just under two weeks left until the launch of the PlayStation 4, we can expect to see a downpour of media concerning the new console's launch titles leading up to the big day. This weekend, Sony released some hands-on impressions for Killzone: Shadow Fall, along with a hefty look at online play from one of the game's early testers.

If you haven't seen the latest Killzone: Shadow Fall story trailer, you can take a gander at it above. Basically, the series looks better than ever, features more vibrant colors than ever, and looks to offer a story with plenty of intrigue, twists and turns. Oh, and then there's all that shooting you'll be doing in the middle bits.

To help get gamers pumped for the upcoming launch, Sony Social Media Manager Sid Shuman recently went hands-on with Shadow Fall, reporting his findings over on the PlayStation Blog.

For starters, Shuman gives a bit of background on the Killzone universe. If you're not in the mood for spoilers, now is the time to tune out.

So, at the end of Killzone 3, the ISA basically nuked the Helghast atmosphere in a way that obliterated the entire planet. Shadow Fall takes place 30 years following those events. The surviving Helghast have been transported to a Vektan planet, where they now live separated by a massive wall alongside the ISA. Anyone who knows their history knows that walls like this one are typically a very bad thing.

“The fearsome Helghast are now refugees, their homeworld annihilated in a nuclear firestorm,” said Shuman. “In a desperate bid for survival, the surviving Helghast emigrate to an idyllic planet controlled by their mortal enemies, the ISA. Unrest simmers.”

Things go bad when a Helghast terrorist attack shatters what little truce the two races shared, the events of which were highlighted in the PlayStation 4 reveal event hosted this past February. Players will take on the role of Lucas Kellan, an ISA operative tasked with putting an end to the Helghast uprising.

Shadow Fall's combat also infuses a stronger sandbox sensibility, giving players far more control of how, where and when they launch their attacks,” Shuman said. “White-knuckled firefights can be supplemented with stealthy takedowns and traps, making the game far more nonlinear than its predecessor.”

Shuman also reiterates the fact that the single player campaign should last folks a solid 10 hours to complete.

On the flip side of the same coin is the mulitplayer, featuring 24-player matches that can be fully customized. Since [moving] pictures typically speak louder than words, we'll just leave this video here for those who wish to see some of the online gameplay in action. Look for Killzone: Shadow Fall to arrive alongside the PS4 on Nov. 15. Or, you could just go pick up your copy right now.

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