Platinum Games announced that they're working on another game for the Wii U. Wonderful 101 is an action game that lets players control a large crew of super heroes.

The game appears to be a beat 'em up. You control several super heroes at once and pummel a variety of super-powered foes. You can apparently combine the abilities of your crew members to perform powerful attacks. Over time you'll recruit additional super heroes as well.

This is the second Wii U exclusive that Platinum Games has revealed today. Previously they announced Bayonetta 2. This was a bit of a shock, considering that the first Bayonetta was released on the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Winning over Platinum Games seems like a big win for Nintendo. Platinum has developed several well-regarded action games, including Vanquish and MadWorld. By presenting the Wii U as the exclusive means to try out this studio's next games, Nintendo could win over some hardcore gamers that might not have considered the console previously.




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