Pokemon Detective Game In Development For Some Reason

By Pete Haas 2013-10-28 09:01:43 discussion comments
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The Pokemon Company revealed this weekend that they're making a Pokemon detective game for 3DS. Players will team up with Pikachu to solve mysteries.


PIKACHU and the DETECTIVE approach a crime scene. A dead woman in a short black dress lays on the sidewalk, face down. The contents of her purse - lip gloss, a pack of cigarettes, a bottle of Aspirin - litter the ground near her. The CORONER stands nearby.

DETECTIVE: What do you we got, Lou?

CORONER: It was over as soon as it started. Blunt force trauma to the back of the head. Looks like it was just one blow.

DETECTIVE: Do we have a murder weapon yet?

CORONER: There's a sewer drain down the street. Perp might've tossed it down there. We've got DPW coming soon.

DETECTIVE: What do you think, Pikachu?

Pikachu scurries over to the victim, examining her head. It looks up at the corner inquiringly.

PIKACHU: Pika pik?

CORONER: Uh, what?

DETECTIVE: Pikachu wants to know if there were signs of a struggle.

Pikachu shakes its head.


DETECTIVE: Drugs in her system?

Pikachu shakes its head again.

DETECTIVE: Whatever, fine. I still want to know the answer.

CORONER: We'll do some tox screens after we haul her out of here. It looks like she came from a night club so anything's - your partner's peeing on the corpse.

DETECTIVE: Goddamn it, Pikachu. Act like a professional!

Pikachu's ears hang low.

DETECTIVE: Well, you might as well finish now. You've already contaminated the crime scene.

Pikachu finishes. He turns away with a guilty look on his face.

PIKACHU: (softly) Pika.

DETECTIVE: It's alright. Look, why don't you just wait in the car? I'll let you know when I need to electrocute something.

Pikachu scampers off to the car. The detective sighs.

DETECTIVE: I have the worst fucking luck with partners.

According to Serebii, players are investigating Pokemon-related ish so I guess Pikachu can help on that front. Maybe. I still feel like Pikachu's inability to talk, interrogate witnesses or do anything remotely related to crime scene investigations makes him a pretty crappy partner.

The villain of the game, as it turns out, is another Pikachu. A villain that can't talk isn't much of a villain, obviously, so the developers had to devise a workaround. The mastermind behind the crimes isn't just a normal Pikachu. Instead, he's blue and has human speech abilities. I hope he's got an eyepatch and a goatee, too.

This could turn out to be a fun game but the premise doesn't inspire much confidence. It could be awhile before we find out more, as the game's targeted for a 2015 launch at the moment.
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