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Could Resident Evil 7 Be A Play Anywhere Title On Xbox One? Here's What We Know
Microsoft's new Play Anywhere feature allows gamers to access certain titles through cross-platform compatibility. This means being able to play across Xbox One and PC, as well as sharing saves. Well, new info points to Resident Evil 7 possibly having Play Anywhere features.
This Week's Xbox Deals Will Get You In The Mood For Halloween
With Halloween right around the corner, the folks in the Microsoft camp are gearing up with a spooktacular Deals with Gold week, spotlighting all sorts of discounts for "Shocktober."
PAX West 2016: 5 VR Titles To Look Out For
Virtual Reality is the newest frontier of video game technology. As such, it was not surprising that many developers, both big and small were showing off their upcoming VR titles at PAX West 2016. We got our hands, and our eyes, on a diverse lineup of titles that shawa variety of the benefits of the technology.
Resident Evil Is Bringing Back An Old School Healing Item, Here's What We Know
Capcom recently revealed that one of the classic items from their stash of Resident Evil goodies is making a return in Resident Evil 7.
Why Story Is Especially Important In Today’s Video Games
Growing up in a video gaming family, we were all drawn to a certain type of video game, and we were probably biased because my sister and I just played whatever my Dad bought or rented. But we knew we had a type. We loved the games with a story, but back then the storytelling was different than it is today. Today, storytelling in video gaming is so incredibly important to the success of the game.
All Of The Issues Plaguing Resident Evil 5 For Xbox One And PS4
Capcom recently re-released Resident Evil 5 for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The game originally came out back during seventh gen for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Well, the re-released version of the game launched with some issues plaguing the gameplay experience.
Here’s How Successful The Resident Evil 7 Teaser Has Been
When P.T. first debuted on the PlayStation 4, people were baffled by it. They had no idea what it was, let alone what it was a teaser for. That was until someone finished it and saw the Silent Hills reveal. But that was years ago. Now, Resident Evil 7's playable teaser has taken the lead, breaking download records on the PS4.
Here’s How Brutal Umbrella Corps Launch Numbers Are On PC
You might've read our article yesterday about how Umbrella Corps released ever so slightly after Resident Evil 7's big showcase at E3 last week, and now the PC numbers on Steam are reflecting that.
The Resident Evil Shooter Umbrella Corps Released Without Anyone Knowing
While many fans still have stars in their eyes from seeing the new Resident Evil 7: Biohazard at E3 last week, many probably didn't even think about the fact that the Resident Evil shooter, Umbrella Corps, was releasing today. But it did.
New Umbrella Corps Trailer Shows Off Nots To Classic Resident Evil Locations
When Umbrella Corps finally arrives, players will be given the opportunity to team up with their friends and go on a zombie-slaying rampage across the globe. And based on the game’s most recent trailer, it looks like players will be returning to some familiar locations, too.
Why Resident Evil Developer Says To Expect Delays On Future Games
Capcom has been under fire lately for the incomplete release of Street Fighter V on PC and PS4. To rectify the poor market reception to the title, they'll be putting more time into developing games until they're complete, especially for their upcoming titles.
The Classic Resident Evil Map That Will Be Featured In Umbrella Corps
Capcom revealed a brand new map for the upcoming third-person, multiplayer shooter, Umbrella Corps. The new map centers around the Antarctic base from Resident Evil: Code Veronica. The map features a number of Easter Eggs from the series along with a special mode.
Resident Evil Spinoff Umbrella Corps Has Been Delayed
Originally slated to arrive next month, it looks like prospective agents will have to wait a bit longer to sign up for the zombie-slaying action of Umbrella Corps.
New Trailer For Horror Game NightCry Is A Trip Back To 90's Horror
This horror game might feel oddly familiar...can’t put your finger on it? The game has been in development for awhile with an initial release date listed on its Kickstarter as March 2015, so many were surprised to see the quality of the newest trailer which feels very much like a 1999 version of Silent Hill or an early version of Resident Evil or Fatal Frame.
Watch The Umbrella Corps Newest Game Mode In Action
The newest addition to the Resident Evil franchise, titled Umbrella Corps, is a multiplayer-based survival horror shooter and it’s supposed to be releasing in just a couple months. Just recently, Capcom announced yet another game mode for the upcoming spin-off, called Multi-Mission mode.
Classic Resident Evil Games Will Be Coming To Xbox One And PS4 Soon
Capcom is known for squeezing every drop of revenue out of a franchise for as much as possible before shelving it, and they're certainly looking to do just that with Resident Evil. They have announced that there will be remakes inbound for three of their most recent survival horror games.
New Resident Evil Shooter Trailer Shows Off A Perplexing Addition To The Franchise
There was a time when Resident Evil was a really solid video game franchise. The third-person shooter was a fantastic competitor against rival survival horror franchises like Silent Hill, and it introduced zombies in a whole new way—and even made them more terrifying. But with the newest trailer announcing a new Resident Evil game, Umbrella Corps, it’s a little difficult to understand exactly which direction the series is going in.
The Outlook For Survival Horror Games In 2016 Might Not Be So Dreary
Back in the 90’s when I had just been introduced to video games, the market was alive with horrifyingly unique titles like Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Parasite Eve and Fatal Frame. With gaming turning a corner in the new year of 2016, survival horror has made a drastic shift in defining what it means to be a horror title.
Ex-Bioshock Devs Introduce A New Horror Game
If there’s one thing lacking from today’s major video game releases, it’s a solid and terrifying survival horror title. Ex-Bioshock developers have banded together to create the studio, The Deep End Games, and they’ve developed a unique horror game where the blind protagonist utilizes echolocation in order to explore a dark and abandoned mansion.
Umbrella Corps Gameplay Video Doesn't Look Great
Capcom released some competitive gameplay footage of the upcoming Umbrella Corps, the team-based shooter due out for the PS4 and PC in early 2016. The gameplay footage clocks in at nearly five minutes.
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