25 Ghostbusters II Flashbacks For Its 25th Anniversary

By Kelly West 2 years agodiscussion comments
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25 Ghostbusters II Flashbacks For Its 25th Anniversary image
As sequels go, Ghostbusters II is one of the better examples of followups to beloved kids movies. Released five years after the original, Ghostbusters II arrived in the summer of 1989 -- 25 years ago today, in fact -- reuniting the quartet of ghost battling scientists. Or three scientists and one guy willing to believe anything for a steady paycheck. Does this sequel need a sequel? That's certainly debatable, but since today is the 25th anniversary of the release of Ghostbusters II, we decided to put together twenty-five flashbacks of the film.

Before we get to that, I'm going on record as saying I like Ghostbusters II. As a kid of the 80s, the original Ghostbusters will always hold a special (and higher) place in my heart. But I loved the sequel, growing up. So if you're with me, read on and enjoy the flashbacks!

1. Do. Re. Egon!
We'll kick this off with a little tune to set the mood...

2. And then a big entrance...


3. And this not-quite-as-big entrance...

"Suck in the guts guys, we're the Ghostbusters?"

4. And then we'll do a little dance...
...for the ungrateful yuppie larvae who think He-Man is cooler...

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