7 Fetch Mean Girls Spinoff Movies We Need Immediately

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Just First Cousins
Twenty-eight-year-old wannabe meteorologist Karen Smith takes a job in Chicago for a local news station working alongside her first cousin/ traffic reporter Seth Mosakowski. The two havenít seen each other in a few years, but thereís something about their reunion that fits like a comfortable pair of mouse ears. Over the loud objections of her best friend Gretchen Wieners, Karen and Seth begin a relationship, assuring themselves that since theyíre first cousins and not just cousins, itís definitely okay.

Hellbent on breaking the two up before they procreate, Gretchen makes it her mission to sabotage the relationship before it ever truly gets off the ground. She wants Karen to be happy, but sometimes best friends need tough love more than blind support. Unfortunately, the task will be pretty difficult because Seth always looks fine.
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